10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Hit in 2023

10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Hit in 2023

Every year there are some things which remain popular among the people and there are some whose craze is over. Talking about the beauty trends of the year 2023, some of the beauty trends that will be popular among people this year in skincare or makeup are new and some things are liked by people since years. There are some such trends in these which can be called Evergreen trend of beauty trend.

#First23Daysof2023 | 10 Beauty Trends That Will Be Hit in 2023

Let us know which beauty trends people like so much from the beginning of the year in 2023 that they will keep them included in their routine for the whole year.

1. Light Foundation

Now women have become comfortable in flaunting the shortcomings of their face and hence they would prefer light foundation, liquid foundation with light to medium coverage instead of heavy foundation.

2. Fox Freckles


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Faux freckles have become a trend after centuries of hiding scars and freckles from the public. Now you can also flaunt them by making them yourself with light foundation on your face. For this, you can use mehndi, freckle making pen, brown shade liner or eyebrow pencil.

3. Tinted Blush

Tinted blush has been a rage among makeup lovers since 2022 and it will remain in trend this year as well. This type of blush gives the benefits of blush while moisturizing the skin and is very much liked by those who like light makeup. They save people from heavy made up look like highlighter. These are good options for day time or for those who prefer less makeup (Beauty Trends).

4. Gel Eyebrows

If you want to keep your eyebrow game on point, then make this trend from 2022 a part of your look now. The looks of runway models and Bollywood actresses are proof that gel eyebrows make the look instantly attractive.

5. Lip Gloss

It would not be wrong to say that lip gloss, which was a trend in the early 2000s, is back again. In winters they are useful to keep lips soft with shine and in summers they are enough to give high glossy shine to your lips.

6. Gender Neutral Products

Now everything from lip cream to moisturizer, cleanser, serum are available in the market and using such products in skincare will be in trend this year.

7. Blue Light Protection

The way the use of laptop to mobile has increased in our life, in such a situation, blue light protection has never been trending in such a way that people of all ages, from school going children to children, are now talking about protecting themselves from blue light. I am serious. For this, people are now including products that provide protection from blue light in their routine and SPF is one such product that protects the skin from UV rays as well as blue light.

8. Evergreen Colored Liner

Colored eyeliners have been in trend for a long time now and this year too they are not going anywhere.

9. Will keep doing DIY

In the past two years, people have used various DIY beauty tips in the form of scrubs and masks in their routine. This year too, from eye cream and getting rid of wrinkles, they will remain a part of people’s skincare for many things. (Beauty Trends)

10. Simple Skincare

Instead of Korean multi step like 10 or 7 step skincare, this year people will include less and basic products in their skincare. This much skin is enough to keep it healthy, soft supple and it also saves time.