6 Ways to Use Malai in Kitchen One Must Know

6 Ways to Use Malai in Kitchen One Must Know

Fitness lovers often remove the protein and fat rich cream from milk. In most households, people prefer to store the cream by separating it from the milk and then use it to make ghee and white butter. But sometimes extra cream starts escaping even after storing it. Due to paucity of time, ghee is bought from the market in the homes of many young couples. In such a situation, the cream of milk starts getting wasted again and again. Seeing how much cream is left, you can use it in many ways in the kitchen. know 6 Ways to Use Malai in Kitchen One Must.

Use in Flour

If there is little cream, mix it in flour and knead it. This makes rotis very soft. From small children to elders (Use Malai in Kitchen), Malai mixed flour roti is very much liked.

Make Palak Paneer Delicious

While making Palak Paneer or Corn Palak, adding cream to the puree of spinach not only thickens the gravy, it also enhances the natural taste of spinach.

Thicken the Gravy

Using cream in paneer, mushroom dishes also increases the taste of all such dishes.

Make Rabdi in Minutes

If the cream is left for two to three days, then put it all in a small pan and thicken it. If desired, add two to three tablespoons of milk as well. When it starts getting thick, add some sugar to it. Enjoy this rabdi by applying it to bread or roti.

Many Types of Sweet Dishes are made

Many types of sweet dishes can be made from cream like bread cream roll, cream barfi, cream ladoos etc. For those who like to eat sweet food, the easiest way is to apply cream in bread and sprinkle sugar and enjoy a soft, sweet dish.

Use in Sandwich

The way mayonnaise is used, similarly use cream as a spread while making sandwiches. For this, apply cream on bread and make sandwiches by applying tomato, cucumber, onion slices on top. For this, by whipping the cream first, you can make a sandwich by applying small chopped onions, tomatoes, capsicum etc. to the cream itself.

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