7 Mistakes to Avoid While Concealing Your Pimples

7 Mistakes to Avoid While Concealing Your Pimples

Whether you have an important meeting or a wedding to attend, one thing that always bothers us and shakes our confidence is pimples and that too if they are not properly concealed. Pimples have a history that they always burst at the last moment or always at the wrong time. For this reason, if you are preparing for the wedding season, then you should not make these mistakes related to concealing even by mistake. Concealer is always the magic wand of makeup but for this it is important that you use the right product. So let us tell you that you should not make these 7 mistakes while Concealing your pimples.

Not Exfoliating Flakes

When you’re covering your pimples, you want to create a smooth canvas for your makeup. For this, it is necessary that you exfoliate your skin so that your flaky or dry skin is removed. If you don’t do this step, your skin will look uneven when you apply concealer. For this reason, it is important that you pick a hydrating concealer for dry or flaky skin (Pimples Concealing).

Popping a Pimple before Applying Concealer

The biggest mistake people make is that they tear it before covering it, because of which you get inflammation or infection, due to which the color of the skin can change.

Do Not Apply Primer

The primer works to hold your concealer and because of this, the concealer stays in place. Because of this it is necessary that pimples are often oily and due to this the concealer does not last without applying primer and in such case if you are not applying primer then you are making a big mistake.

Using the Wrong Makeup Brush

Using the right makeup tools is very important, even if you are covering up pimples. You should use a buffing brush that has dent bristles and is a good option for acne-prone skin. If you use a blending sponge or other brush, it can leave bald spots.

Concealing Immediately after Foundation

The trick to clear makeup is to let it sit on your skin for some time. However, people often don’t wait for the foundation to set after applying it and apply concealer beforehand, which is a big mistake. Once you apply the foundation, you should let it sit for some time and only then use the concealer, so that you get decent coverage.

Using the Wrong Shade or Not Using a Color Corrector

When your pimple is red, you should use a green color corrector to neutralize the redness. If you use an orange color corrector to hide it, it can lead to dark circles. Also keep in mind that you rub to blend it and do not press or pat it.

Wrong Color of Concealer

Like the foundation, it is also very important to use the right concealer color. For this, you should use a concealer that matches your skin tone. However, if you use light dark or light color, then the pimple can appear separately.

Apart from these 7 mistakes, people with acne prone skin should use more products to cover their acne. This can be a big mistake while covering your pimples (Pimples Concealing). It is possible that if you use too much powder then your skin can become very dry and if you apply too much concealer or foundation then your skin can become cakey. So use the right approach to keep your skin flawless.

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