Actress Surveen Chawla Shares Casting Couch Experience

Actress Surveen Chawla Shares Casting Couch Experience

Often girls have fallen into the trap of casting couch to make their career. Many actresses have shared their experiences regarding casting couch. Now Bollywood actress Surveen Chawla has told about the incident of casting couch that happened to her. After a long time, he has revealed that he has been a victim of casting couch-like incident many times in the film industry. Not only this, Surveen Chawla has also been a victim of body shaming.

Actually, Surveen had recently participated in a radio show. In this interview, he revealed that casting couch-body shaming is also done in South cinema. Apart from his personal life, Surveen has also talked a lot about his film career on this occasion. Recalling the bad moments with her, Surveen says that this incident happened to her in the very first meeting when she was traveling from TV to Bollywood. During this, he was questioned about his weight, waist and chest size and size. However, the actress responded by saying that these are not the right parameters that define a woman.

Actress Surveen Chawla Shares Casting Couch Experience

In the interview, Surveen said, “Yes, when I was doing television and after that I went for the first film meeting then body shaming happened. Happens to most of the actresses in the industry where their appearance is questioned, their weight is questioned and their body size is questioned.

Surveen further added, “What are the parameters to be in the industry? This was a period where the casting couch had to be faced. Along with Bollywood, there was a lot of face in the South Film Industry. It was actually a very difficult period….”

During the interview, when asked why did she keep her marriage with Akshay Thakkar a secret for two years? To this, Surveen said that her husband shy away from the media and this was the main reason. So he took a mutual decision. Surveen said that since the wedding took place in the presence of 40 close people, nothing was revealed. Let us tell you that Surveen married in 2015 and revealed it in 2017. This is also a child of the couple.

Talking about the work front, Surveen will soon be seen in the Netflix series ‘Decapled’ with actor R Madhavan. The series will release on December 17. Madhavan will be seen in the role of a novel writer Arya and Chawla as his wife and CEO Shruti.

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