What is Agni Mudra and Benefits

Agni Mudra and Benefits: Yoga is very important for a happy life. Yoga is practiced for the health and various benefits of the body. The breathing techniques taught by yoga help to improve concentration and mind. In yoga, the five elements are considered to be the main focus points of our body, namely – water, earth, sky, air, and fire. The imbalance caused by these elements can result in diseases and health problems. Today we will talk about Agni Mudra. Agni Mudra is also known as Surya Mudra.

What is Agni Mudra and Benefits

Every day there are some problems in the body, sometimes due to the change of weather and sometimes due to wrong food and drink. From cold and cold to increasing obesity, all these problems are the result of lack of fire element in the body. Agni Mudra fulfills this deficiency and maintains normal body temperature. This is a type of yoga mudra associated with the god of fire and used in different ways. Performing this mudra activates the fire energy in the body and helps in maintaining the fire balance of the body. So let’s know about the method of doing Agni Mudra and its benefits.

How to do Agni Mudra?

First of all sit in comfortable posture. Then bend the ring finger and bring the ring finger on the lower area of ​​the thumb. Keep the rest of your fingers straight. Press the ring finger lightly with the thumb. Do this mudra on an empty stomach early in the morning. Do repeat Agni Mudra for 15 minutes daily.

Benefits of doing Agni Mudra

After learning how to do Agni Mudra, let us know what are its benefits.

What is Agni Mudra and Benefits

If you are thinking of losing weight then Agni Mudra is very beneficial for you. Many people suffer from indigestion. People suffering from indigestion keep on gaining weight. This mudra works to improve their metabolism.

This mudra increases the fire element in the body and benefits the eyes. That’s why this asana is called Agni Vardhan Mudra. Since the fire element is associated with the eyes, it helps in improving vision. If you know the diseases and remedies of the eyes, then you must have known the importance of this posture.

This asana is very useful in case of cold or cough. This is because the body often gets cold, which can lead to this problem. This asana with the element of fire keeps you away from cold and cough.

If you are suffering from the problem of high cholesterol and want to reduce cholesterol from the body, then you should do this asana. This asana definitely helps in reducing the cholesterol level in the body.

If you live under a lot of stress or if you know someone, then he should definitely practice this mudra. Agni Mudra is extremely helpful in relieving stress and tension.

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