Old Age is Starting to Show on Face? So Do 4 Anti Aging Exercise Daily

Old Age is Starting to Show on Face? So Do 4 Anti Aging Exercise Daily

Best Anti Aging Exercise: There is no medicine other than exercise to always look young. Aging is a natural process. You cannot reduce your age, but you can definitely reduce the signs of your aging by coming on your face. Now women are in search of what to do so that age is not known from the face. To make your face look young, exercise is as important as diet. Because exercise is necessary for every part of the body. Along with the body, you can also tone your face and keep it beautiful young.

Best Anti Aging Exercise

If you want your face to look younger, then there are special exercises for your face. Yoga has special asanas and types of exercises to exercise the facial muscles. By doing this daily, your face will look young for a long time. So let’s know about those special 4 anti aging exercises.

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Often aging is seen on the face before time, not because of age but also due to stress. Kapalbhati is a very useful exercise to overcome this problem. Kapalbhati is a form of Pranayama. This is a breathing exercise. By doing this, the flow of oxygen to the brain improves.

Old Age is Starting to Show on Face? So Do 4 Anti Aging Exercise DailyThe nerves of the head become strong and at the same time this exercise gives a glow to the face. To do Kapalbhati, one should sit in meditation posture in Padmasana or Sukhasana. Close your eyes and exhale continuously. Inhale and exhale. Simultaneously push the stomach inwards and outwards. Expel all the air from your lungs.

Neck Exercise

The beauty of the neck also varies with age. Signs of age are also visible on the neck, such as increased fat, loosening of the skin, etc. That is why it is necessary to do noble exercises. To do this, while sitting in a straight meditation position, first place the left hand behind the waist and place the right hand on the head.

Now slowly stretch the neck to the right side. After holding for 2 seconds, come back to the normal position. Repeat the same with the left hand. Keep in mind that putting more pressure on the neck can increase the pain. Repeat 10-12 times on both sides. By doing this neck exercise, the neck pain will also get relief and the fat of the neck will also be reduced.

Lion pose

The lion pose stretches the muscles of the face and the eyes. The wrinkles of the face are removed by this asana. Doing lion pose tightens the skin of the neck. Hence it does not loosen with age. To do Simha Mudra, sit in Vajrasana. Keep both hands on the ground. And make a loud sound and stick out your tongue as much as you can.

Old Age is Starting to Show on Face? So Do 4 Anti Aging Exercise Daily

Then look towards the eyebrows and stay in this position for a minute and keep breathing. Then return to normal position. By doing the throne for 5 minutes daily, you will get rid of all the problems related to aging. On the other hand, if you are doing this asana from the age of 20, then soon the signs of aging will not be visible on the face.

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Puffiness of Cheeks

Exercising to puff up the cheeks also stretches the skin of the face. To do this exercise, first take a deep breath and inflate the cheeks by filling air in the mouth as much as possible. Stay in this position for half a minute. Then exhale through the nose. Due to this the skin of the cheeks becomes tight and there are no wrinkles on the skin. Along with this, the skin also glows naturally.

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