Anupama Madalasa Sharma is Doing Fine and Will Come With New Twist in Coming Episodes

Anupama Madalasa Sharma is doing Fine and will come with New Twist in Coming Episodes

TV serial Anupama’s actress Madalasa Sharma suddenly left the Shah family. Coming to the present story of the show, Vanraj’s eyes are fixed on Anuj Kapadia’s business as he is currently troubled by the impact of marital violence on his sister Malvika. At the same time, the friendship of Malvika and Vanraj is also getting deeper.

However, this does not mean at all that Kavya’s eye has not been lost on the friendship of both. But after the news of Kavya’s disappearance from the Shah family came to the fore, the audience started worrying whether Madalasa Sharma has also been suffering from COVID-19 because at this time COVID-19 is spreading very fast across the country. Even many people in the TV industry have been affected by it.

Meanwhile, Madalsa Sharma while talking to an entertainment daily said that this is all nonsense and she is completely healthy. He said, yes I have left the Shah family but because of this because I am going to have a big twist in the show soon. Fans can think of something unexpected happening in the show.

Hearing this, it seems that Kavya will enter back soon and it is possible that when Vanraj tries to grab Anuj Kapadia’s business, then he will take his next attack. Looks like she wants to make Vanraj understand his importance in her life. Because of this she leaves the Shah family and does not talk to Vanraj for a few days. On the other hand, Paritosh and Vanraj are planning to take over the Kapadia Empire by deceiving Malvika.

Now in the coming days in the show we will get to see how Anupama saves Anuj and Malvika from this plan of Vanraj and Paritosh. Looks like Kinjal will also help Anupama in this matter. Because of this, the further story of the show is going to be very interesting for the fans.

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