How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly Tips

How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly: Every girl uses nail polish to make her nails attractive and beautiful. If you want to match the dress or give an elegant look to the nails, then girls do not compromise with the nail pants at all. But many times most of us make some small mistakes before, after and during applying nail polish due to lack of knowledge, due to which the nail polish does not get smooth look and texture.

How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly Tips

Do you also do not get the desired finishing when you apply nail paint (Apply Nail Polish Neatly), does your nail paint spread out from the nail and at the same time the texture of the nail paint is also not smooth, then there is no need to take tension. Because today here we are going to tell you some tips on how to apply Nail Polish properly, so that your nails can look even more beautiful. Then let us know what things should be kept in mind before and after applying nail polish.

Clean your Nails

Clean your nails thoroughly before applying nail polish. Use a non-acetone remover to remove old nail paint. Because removers containing acetone absorb moisture from the nails and this also makes the skin around the nail very dry. (Apply Nail Polish Neatly)

How to Apply Nail Polish Neatly Tips

Give Shape to Nails

Before applying nail polish, give your nails the desired shape with the help of a filer (Apply Nail Polish Neatly). By doing this, after applying nail polish, the nails look even more beautiful and attractive. Also it is important to dry the nail, because applying nail paint on wet nails does not coat the coat well and it tends to come off quickly.

Nail paint should be of Best Quality

Always use the best quality nail polish, which lasts longer and does not damage the nails. Even after applying poor quality nail paint, it does not give good texture. That is why apply only good brand nail polish.

Be Sure to Apply a Basecoat

Applying nail polish without applying a base coat also turns your nails yellow. Therefore, keep in mind that before applying the nail paint, you must apply a base coat so that the natural beauty of your nails remains.

Do not Shake the Bottle

Most of us often shake the bottle of nail paint well before applying nail polish (Apply Nail Polish Neatly), so that if it gets set. But this method is not right, rather it should be avoided. Do not shake the bottle of nail paint before applying the nail polish, because by doing so bubbles come in the bottle and due to this the nail polish does not apply properly but it looks bad.

Apply Two Coats

Apply nail color only after the base coat is completely dry. If you apply nail paint in a hurry, then your nail color will not come out at all. First apply one coat and let it dry thoroughly, after that apply another coat.

Apply in one Direction

When filing nails, cracks often appear in them, which are more visible after applying the nail paint. That’s why nail polish should always be applied in the same direction to the nails. Due to this, the cracks in the middle of your nail paint are not visible. (Apply Nail Polish Neatly)

Clean the Edges

If you are applying the nail paint properly then it will not come out from the edges. But often the nail paint spreads on the edges. To clean it, if you want, before applying the nail paint, apply Vaseline jelly on the edges. After applying nail polish, take an earbud to clean the edges and clean it thoroughly by dipping it in remover.

Do not wash Hands with Hot water

Try not to put your hands in hot water after applying nail polish. Doing so can damage the nail polish. That’s why keep your nails under warm water for 24 hours after applying nail polish.