Keep These in Mind while Applying Henna on Hair Tips

Keep These in Mind while Applying Henna on Hair Tips

Applying Henna on Hair Tips: Hair doesn’t just turn white with age. Due to various reasons, premature graying of hair has increased more nowadays. As a solution to this, people find it easier to apply henna on their hair. Applying henna to hair is a safer option than dye and colour. By applying henna, the hair remains safe, the problem of white hair goes away and the hair starts looking beautiful.

Keep These in Mind while Applying Henna on Hair Tips

The trend of applying henna in the hair of most of us has been going on for a long time. Mehndi is not only used for white hair color but also for good hair health. Mehndi acts as both conditioning and coloring for the hair. But applying mehndi in the wrong way causes hair fall and hair becomes dry too. To prevent this from happening, some things should be kept in mind while applying henna to the hair.

Keep in mind the Time of Applying mehndi

How long the mehndi should be applied is very important. Many people think that applying henna to the hair for a long time improves the color of the hair. Therefore, applying henna in the hair for five-six hours or applying henna in the hair overnight does not benefit the hair but damages the hair. Experts say that if henna is applied for hair color, then it should be kept for one and a half hours and if henna is applied for hair conditioning then it should not be kept for more than half an hour.

Pay Attention Before Applying mehndi

Do not apply oil on the hair on the day you are going to apply henna on your hair. Especially if you are applying henna for color in your hair. Because if you apply henna after applying Atel, then its color will not go well on your hair.

Keep These in Mind while Applying Henna on Hair Tips

Take care while soaking Henna

It is said about Mehndi that it is of acidic nature. Therefore, it should never be used soaked in normal water. Because doing so may harm you instead of benefiting. You can use tea or coffee water instead of normal water. Due to this, the color of mehndi also becomes beautiful and deep.

keep Hair from Drying out

Hair becomes dry after applying henna. Add a little olive oil to the hair while soaking the henna to prevent it from drying out. And if you are using henna for conditioning, then add some curd to it. This makes the hair shiny. Also, on the day after applying henna, apply oil after washing and drying the hair on the same day.

if your Hair is Dry

If your hair is dry and it is getting more stiff and dry due to henna, then apply hair pack after henna. For this take one spoon of olive oil. Mix two tablespoons of curd and a little lemon juice. Mix the mixture well and mix it well. Apply this pack on the hair and after twenty minutes wash the hair with a mild shampoo. This makes the hair shiny and soft. is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: