Applying Kajal or Surma in Baby Eyes Safe or Not

Applying Kajal or Surma in Baby Eyes Safe or Not

Mothers Applying kajal in the eyes of their children thinking that the children should not be able to see and the eyes will be bigger. There is also an old custom in India of applying kajal on the forehead and behind the ears of children. But, even today, a question about kajal in the eyes of children keeps swirling in the mother’s mind whether it is safe or not.

In this article, we will talk about how safe it is to apply kajal or antimony in the eyes of children? Medical science does not believe in this myth of making eyes bigger with kajal. According to the doctors, they clearly say that applying kajal in the eyes of children is not free from risk. Medical science is completely against the use of kajal in children’s eyes. In this article, we will talk about whether children should apply kajal or not, we will discuss it in detail.

Is It Safe to Apply Kajal to Your New Born Babies

Applying Kajal or Surma in Baby Eyes Safe or Not

Is it safe to apply kajal to Babies

To protect babies from sight and to enhance the beauty of children, the tradition of applying kajal has been going on in India for years. According to the elders of the house, it is like a medicine for the eyes of the child. At the same time, according to scientific research, the use of kajal or surma in the eyes of children is not safe in many ways. Lead is found in the mascara sold in the market, which can cause severe damage to the eyes, kidneys, brain and bone marrow.

Lead used to make mascara is a harmful ingredient. If the amount of lead in the blood increases, it can lead to complaints of restlessness and convulsions. In some cases, the person may even go into a coma and it can even lead to death. On this basis it would not be wrong to say that using kajal for babies should be avoided.

Is Homemade Kajal Safe for Babies

It is said that elders argue about home made kajal and surma that it is made naturally. It does not contain any kind of chemical. Experts are of the opinion that yes, homemade kajal is better than the kajal sold in the market. However, it cannot be considered safe for babies because of the carbon content in it.

Apart from this, whatever the mascara is, it is applied in the eyes of the child with the help of the finger. In such a situation, there is a high possibility of bacteria entering the baby’s eye through the hands. Therefore, no matter what the mascara is, it should be avoided in the eyes of babies.

Harmful Effects of Applying Kajal in Baby Eyes

In the article you learned that it is not safe to use kajal or surma for the eyes of babies. Below we are giving information about some of the side effects caused by it:

  • Constant watery eyes
  • Itchy eyes
  • Allergies and risk of infection
  • Eyesight may be affected etc.

Does Kajal make Baby’s Eyes Bigger

Applying Kajal or Surma in Baby Eyes Safe or Not

Does applying kajal make eyes bigger?

You must have heard this thing many times from the elders of the house, but it is just a myth. Even today people believe in this, but there is no truth in it. They get all the features, including the eyes of the children, from the genes of their parents. Applying kajal in the eyes can not make any difference to the eyes of the children. This has also been confirmed in many different scientific researches.

Does Kajal Protects your Babies from Evil Eye

Many people believe that kajal should be used to protect babies from the evil eye. There is no scientific research available regarding this. But, considering the disadvantages mentioned above in the article, experts recommend not to apply kajal in the eyes of children. If you want, to protect the child from the evil eye, you can apply black tika with kajal behind the ears or on the soles of the feet.

Children’s eyes are very delicate and sensitive. The use of kajal or antimony can prove to be fatal for the eyes of children. In such a situation, if you also apply kajal and antimony in your child’s eyes, then stop using it today.

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