Beauty Treatment For Marriage, Keep These 8 Things in Mind

Beauty Treatment For Marriage, Keep These 8 Things in Mind

Beauty Treatment For Marriage – Pre-wedding brides are ready to do anything to enhance their beauty. Often only a few days are left for the wedding and the bride wants to get everything done in the last days, although it is not possible to get much done in such a short time. To fulfill the desire to look beautiful, many techniques have come in the market nowadays. These techniques are tempting for the brides-to-be with their claims of making the face fairer, fuller and glowing skin in one go, but these techniques which have become a trend in the name of beauty, play with your face. Before giving, you need to be aware of some special things, so that you do not lose your natural appearance in the pursuit of becoming beautiful.

Dr. Simal Soin, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Wellness Enthusiast at Ayna Clinic, says that young people suffering from skin problems should keep in mind that skin can show improvement after beauty treatments to remove acne, pigmentation, dullness or scars. needs a few weeks. That is why if you want to get any procedure related to your facial skin, then for this be warned a month before the wedding and meet a skilled skin specialist or dermatologist.

Beauty Treatment For Marriage, Keep These 8 Things in Mind

Everyone wants to look the most beautiful on their wedding day and that is why many times the brides-to-be reach such a place where false promises are made to them regarding their skin problem or the family members at home. Tells the cure. This either does not eliminate the skin problem or sometimes it has the opposite effect on more sensitive skin and instead of improving it, it starts looking worse than before. This is the reason why we are cautioning future brides about the basic mistakes to be made while getting a beauty treatment.

1. Do not do facials that promise to enhance or make your face glow in one go in the salon. Such facials can not only aggravate acne on your face, but the bleaching agents hidden in it can irritate your skin, and make your skin look blotchy and burnt.

2. Do not get any salon service for a week before your marriage, whatever you want to do, get it done before, so that if something goes wrong, you will have time to get it corrected.

3. Do not try many home remedies at once. Substances like lemon, honey, gram flour, aloe Vera, which seem to do no harm, have also been seen to react many times.

4. Get fruit peels, enzyme peels and chemical peels done at least two weeks before the wedding, as the peeling effect and dryness often last for a long time and can make your skin look dull on the wedding day.

5. If you have to undergo microdermabrasion treatment, then get it done for the same reason about 15-20 days before the wedding.

6. To change the contouring features of your face, that is, if you want to use fillers to fill your cheeks or lips, then keep in mind that this work should be done a month before the wedding. If it is not a month, then it is necessary to get the fillers done at least 15-20 days before.

7. If you want to do hair color, then this should also be done 15-20 days before, because one, its effect remains for a long time and secondly you should be comfortable with this new hair color in a few days. Apart from this, if you do not like the new hair color, then you have time to fix it.

8. Before getting any beauty procedure done, from where you are doing it, make sure to check the quality of the place. Beauty products used on your skin must be labeled with a trusted brand. No matter how much one assures, but do not try any new product a few days before the wedding, because the results of any product or procedure take some time to show.

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