How to Become an Amazon Prime Member 2023

How to Become an Amazon Prime Member: The popularity of Amazon Prime Videos is increasing very fast in India. Do you know what Amazon Prime

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How to Become an Amazon Prime Member and What are Its Benefits

How to Become an Amazon Prime Member: The popularity of Amazon Prime Videos is increasing very fast in India. Do you know what Amazon Prime Video is and how you can uses it, then in this article we will talk about it. Amazon Prime Video or simply Prime Video is an online videos streaming service that is usually bundled with the company’s popular Amazon Prime service (Member). There are thousands of Movies and TV Shows available to stream in it, which can be watched in 4K quality.

Amazon has thought of giving a new facility to its customers by launching a service like Amazon Prime. There are many online shopping website available in India such as Flipkart, Snapdeal and Amazon etc. In which Amazon has made a good identity as an online shopping websites in India.

What is Amazon Prime Video

This is Amazon online video live stream service where you get to watch thousands of Movies, TV Shows, Award-Winning Shows, and Live Event. Prime Video premium features include 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and Smartphone downloads for offline viewing of other video contents. With new-release movies and TV shows, games and more, Prime Video has something for everyone and for every mood.

This was what is Amazon Prime Video and information related to Prime Video Meaning in Hindi, about which you must have understood well. Let us now tell you about what is Amazon Prime Meaning.

What is Amazon Prime Member 

Amazon is an e-commerce website. Where all types of goods are available to buy online such as groceries, clothes, shoes, electronic goods etc. It is the world’s largest online shopping portal. Amazon has started a service called Amazon Prime. This is a premium service of Amazon.In. For this you have to first subscribe. After taking subscription, if you buy any product from it, then you do not have to pay Shipping Charge or Delivery Charge.

The service of Amazon Prime has been started in India in 2016. If you want to take advantage of its service, then you will not have to pay any delivery charge. This is a paid service. Which provides free delivery when shopping’s on Amazon.In. If you are a member of Amazon Prime, then you will not have to pay delivery charges on the purchase of any item. When you buy any products from Amazon Prime, the company’s logo remains on it.

What is Amazon Prime Membership

Now this question must be coming in your mind, what is Amazon Prime Membership, then you would like to tell that, if you join Amazon Prime Membership through this service of Amazon Prime. And after that if you buy any product then you get home delivery for free. Meaning you only have to pay the excise duty.

To take advantage of Amazon’s Prime service, you have to pay for its subscription. Initially, 60 days free trial was offered on taking membership in it. But now to become a member of Amazon Prime, you have to subscribe or pay monthly or yearly.

How To Get Amazon Prime Membership

It is very easy to get membership on Amazon Prime. You must have an account on Amazon to take membership on this. To enjoy Prime benefits, you can buy Prime membership by paying Rs.329 for 3 months or Rs.999 per year. If you want to know about this How to Amazon Prime Member, then follow the steps given below.

  • First of all, you have to go to the websites of Amazon Prime. You can also go directly to its websites by clicking on this links.
  • If you don’t have an Amazon account, click New Customer? under Prime Video Login or Sign In. Click on Start Here.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment and create an account.

After this you will get Amazon Prime membership and you can shop for one year without paying for delivery.

Benefits of Amazon Prime

If you take membership of Amazon Prime, then you get many benefits in it. If you also want to know about Amazon Prime Membership Benefits, then let’s know about them through some points:

1. Fast Delivery: – If you take Amazon Prime subscription, then you get free delivery, apart from this you also get fast delivery. Meaning the products will reach you quickly, that too without any charge.

2. Prime Early Access: – Early Access and Lightning Deal will be available on Meaning that you get access 25 minutes before Non Amazon Prime Member. With which you can select and buy the products from them 25 minutes before. In this you also get Limited Discounts.

3. Scheduled Delivery: – In this you can also deliver Scheduled. Meaning if you want to send a products on a specified date then you can schedule the dates. Likes if you want to give a gift to someone on your birthdays, then you do shopping by selecting the Scheduled Delivery options, then the day you want to send that products to someone, it will reach that person.

4. Prime Video: – After taking Amazon Prime memberships, you can also watch Amazon Prime Videos for free. Also, the Lightning Deals that come on Amazon, you can see them half an hour before normal users.

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If you want to enjoy Ads free service then Amazon Prime can be the best choice for you. However, apart from Amazon Prime, video live streaming platforms like Netflix, Zee5 and Mx Player are also available in India, which are very popular among users and which is a paid service like this.

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Hopefully, you must have understood all this information very well, what is Prime and how to start Amazon Prime. If you liked this information, then share it with your friends also.

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