Benefits of Bikini Wax: What is Bikini Wax, Tips and Precautions

What is Bikini Wax: Benefits of Bikini Wax, Tips and Precautions

Thousands of questions pop up in your mind when you think of getting a bikini wax! Isn’t it? It happens when you first think about getting it done, but once you start getting a bikini wax, you will never want to break it. Many women want to remove hair from their private parts/vaginal area but they feel hesitant and ashamed. At the same time many people are wondering how to get rid of this matter. There is a reason for this, because we do not want to talk about this at all. Apart from this, neither we are aware of the safe methods with the help of which one can easily clean the private part hair. For example, it is convenient and informative to use razors and hair removal creams. But no one trusts the option of bikini wax. Because everyone feels that waxing in the private part causes a lot of pain. But you will probably be surprised to know that bikini wax (Benefits of Bikini Wax) is the safest and most effective way to remove hair from the private part as compared to all other options.

Today we are going to give you A to Z information about bikini wax. This is information that all women need to know. So let’s know what is bikini wax?, how to do bikini wax (bikini wax kaise karte hain), bikini wax and precautions and how to do private part wax at home etc.

Table of Contents

  1. What is Bikini Wax
  2. Types of Bikini Wax
  3. How To Do Bikini Wax
  4. How to do Bikini Wax at Home
  5. What to do after Bikini Wax
  6. Benefits of Bikini Wax
  7. Bikini Wax and Precautions – Tips for Bikini Wax
  8. private part hair removal cream
  9. Questions and answers related to private part wax

What is Bikini Wax

First of all, you need to know what is bikini wax? Waxing cleans the pubic hair from the root, due to which new hair starts coming out only after about 2 to 3 months. In bikini waxing, the hair from your panties is removed. During this, the hair in the private area is removed with the help of hot or cold wax. While doing this, the area under your vagina is also cleaned. If you are a swimmer and prefer to wear a swimsuit or a bikini on the beach, then cleaning the pubic area from time to time becomes even more important. Bikini wax is one of those things that most girls still hesitate to talk about. But at the same time, she is also curious to know about it. Bikini wax is still not as common as it used to be.

What is Bikini Wax: Benefits of Bikini Wax, Tips and Precautions

Types of Bikini Wax

There are many types of waxing available for pubic hair. It also depends on you and your personal preference as to how much area you want to shave or get done. Here we are telling you about the types of bikini wax and some styles, which women usually prefer to do:

Normal Bikini Wax

In this type of private part wax, only the hair visible outside the bikini is waxed. That is, in a normal bikini wax, the hair around the panty line is clean. This is the area above the thigh and is mostly used for swimming girls. This has the advantage that your hair is not visible when you wear a swimsuit and you can enjoy your swimming without any worries.

Brazilian Wax

In Brazilian wax, the pubic hair is completely removed. They are also not visible after wearing panties. With this, the skin of your private area becomes completely clean and smooth. This is a good option for girls who like cleanliness and nowadays its demand is also increasing rapidly. Brazilian waxing starts from around Rs.500 and goes up to Rs.3,000. At present, women in many big cities give more importance to this type of waxing.

Mini Triangle

If you feel hesitant to remove the entire hair, then you can adopt this type of style. In this, by making a small triangle of hair on the pubic bone, the surrounding hair is cleaned. By the way, this proves to be a good style to attract the partner. Also called full-bush Brazilian wax, the remaining hair is waxed and removed leaving a triangle just above the vagina.

How To Do Bikini Wax – Bikini Wax Kaise Hoti Hai

Bikini waxes are done with a little more care than waxes elsewhere. If you are getting bikini wax done in the parlor, then you will have to be half naked there. For a simple bikini wax, you can still wear panties, but if all the hair is to be removed, then you will have to take off the clothes. But you will be given a towel so that you can cover that area. Although it is also true that draping causes discomfort in bikini wax (Benefits of Bikini Wax). Bikini wax is usually done in two ways, soft wax and hard wax. In soft wax, wax is applied to the skin and it is pulled off with a paper strip, while in hard wax, the wax is applied on the skin and pulled with straight hands, removing all the hair. Hard wax is more effective and less painful than soft wax. Because hard wax removes the hair from the root and due to this the hair also comes out late. If there is still some hair left after the bikini wax, then they can also be pulled out with tweezers.

Tips for Getting a Painless Bikini Wax

We have already told you that bikini wax is a painful process. But if you want, you can reduce the pain during private part wax through these painless bikini wax tips given below:

  • Go for a bikini wax session only after your period, because during that time the skin is more sensitive, then the pain is also more.
  • Try to remain relaxed while waxing. If you are more worried then you will feel more pain.
  • Use hard wax or peel off wax only, because it removes the hair in one go. You may need to apply regular wax more than once, which can make the pain worse.
  • The best way is to quickly press the area with your hand after pulling off the wax strip. If your beautician doesn’t do it, ask her to do it.
  • Massage with a mild scrub before going for the wax can also provide relief from the pain. Because it makes the hair soft and comes out easily.
  • If you are afraid that you will feel more pain during the wax, then you can take 1-2 Advil tablets an hour before the waxing. It won’t hurt you.
  • Whenever you want to get a bikini wax, never go after shaving. Wax is unable to catch the short hairs and due to this the pain is also more.
  • Take deep breaths during the process, exhale while the wax is being applied, and exhale while the hair is being removed.
  • During waxing, you can watch a video of your choice or listen to music. This will keep your attention divided and the pain will also feel less.
  • When you lie down for a bikini wax, don’t try to get up again and again to see how the beautician is waxing you. In this way, your full attention will be there and the pain will be felt even more.

How to do Bikini Wax at Home

Pubic hair means that the hair of the female private part (how to clean private parts) should always be kept clean. Because not doing so can lead to bacterial infection or a rash in that place. By the way, it is better to get bikini wax (Benefits of Bikini Wax) done from a good parlor or experienced beautician, because the skin here is more sensitive. Despite this, if you want to do bikini wax at home on your own, then follow these steps given below:

Step 1 – Before waxing on the bikini area, apply an antiseptic cleaner or powder.

Step 2 – After that, placing the wax strip on the wax, tighten the skin and pull it in the opposite direction of the hair.

Step 3 – It is advised to pull the bandage as soon as possible to keep the pain to a minimum. Immediately after pulling the bandage, place your hand on that place and press.

Step 4 – After this clean the bikini area with a wet cloth and apply aloe Vera gel.

What to do after Bikini Wax – Post Bikini Wax

If you are thinking that just waxing has finished your work, then you are wrong. Because more care is required after bikini wax than the rest of the body. So let’s know what to do after bikini wax.

1- After removing the pubic hair in the parlor, special cream or oil is massaged, so that the skin there is not dry. After waxing at home, clean the skin with water and apply aloe Vera gel or a good moisturizer.

2- In case of mild irritation, apply ice on the skin. If you want, you can also gently pat a soft cloth soaked in cold water and milk on that area. Contact a doctor in case of severe irritation.

3- Do not wear tight and excessive clothes. Allow the skin to breathe after the wax. Protect this area from heavy workouts and direct sunlight.

4- If you are having irritation in the bikini area, then you can calm it by applying teabag or you can also compress it with ice.

5- After waxing, take a bath with cold water and do not forget to apply moisturizer.

Benefits of Bikini Wax

Taking care of personal hygiene, the cleanliness of this bikini area is very important. Bikini wax not only prevents the accumulation of dirt in that area but also keeps the infection away. The hair in this area is also called pubic hair. Keeping them clean is completely normal and does not cause any harm. There are many such aspects of bikini wax that it is very important to be aware of and pay attention to. So let us tell you about the benefits of bikini wax.

Get rid of Hard Hair

Waxing removes unwanted hair from the root. This means that there is no hard hair left, but the skin of the bikini area becomes smooth.

Keeps Clean Bikini Area

With the benefit of bikini wax, the private part and its surrounding area remain clean. Due to this, you do not have any kind of irritation even during the period and feel good.

Hair Fall late

In comparison to shaving and applicator, bikini waxing makes the hair of the private part come back late. In such a situation, you will get rid of the process of shaving from time to time every month to remove the hair of the bikini area.

Remove Dead Skin Cells

Bikini wax is much better than shaving. This exfoliates the skin. Healthy skin waxing not only removes hair, but it also proves to be helpful in getting rid of dead skin cells from this part of the body.

No Harm

There is a risk of shaving with shaving and hair removal cream can damage the surface of the skin. That is why this method of waxing the private part may be painful but it is much better than other methods of hair removal.

The Blackness of the Private Part is also Removed

In the benefits of bikini wax, it helps in reducing the blackness on the pubic area. Like the hands and feet, the private part also becomes clean by waxing and the blackness of the skin is easily removed.

Bikini Wax and Precautions – Tips for Bikini Wax

If you are getting bikini wax for the first time, then you must know some things so that the result will be pleasant. On the other hand, if you do bikini wax, then you also need to take some precautions. So let us know what things you must keep in mind to get private part wax or bikini wax done (Benefits of Bikini Wax).

  • Never make the mistake of getting a bikini wax during periods. At this time your skin is very sensitive and the pain is also more.
  • If you have delicate skin, you shouldn’t go for Brazilian waxing right away.
  • After getting a bikini wax, your skin becomes red and there is a slight burning sensation. Be mentally prepared for this.
  • It is important to take special care of hygiene during bikini wax. In such a situation, keep in mind that if the remaining part of the wax used for someone else in the parlor is being used for you, then do not wax at such a place. This can increase the risk of infection.
  • You cannot go to the beach immediately after waxing or for 1-2 days. Because sea water is salty and the salt present in it can irritate you.
  • Hair length for bikini wax should be at least inch. If your hair is longer than this, then trim them lightly and if you are short, wait for it to grow and then get waxed.
  • Choose loose clothes to go to the parlor. Because by getting bikini wax you will get relief in return. Tight clothes can be a problem.
  • If you work out, do it before getting a bikini wax, avoid working out after waxing because if there is sweat in that area and there is no hair to absorb it, then that area can be irritated.

Private Part Hair Removal Cream

Hair removal cream is also a painless way to remove pubic hair. There are different types of hair removal creams available in the market (how to remove bikini hair at home). To use this cream, first apply it on the hair of the private area and wait for 5-10 minutes. While applying it, keep in mind that the cream does not go inside your vagina. You can do this anytime, anywhere without any hassle. But before using any hair removal cream in the bikini area, do a patch test so that you do not have any kind of allergy or irritation. So let’s know the names of private part hair removal cream.

  • Veet BodyCurv Hair Removal Cream
  • Everteen Bikini Line Hair Remover Cream
  • Fem Anti-Darkening Hair Removal Cream
  • Nair Hair Removal Lotion
  • Bliss ‘Fuzz’ Off Hair Removal Cream

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Questions and Answers Related to Private Part Wax

Q1. Does it hurt to get a bikini wax?

Ans: It is true that the first time you will feel the same pain as the first time you got wax on your arms and legs. But when you start doing it regularly then the pain will subside on its own.

Q2. Is it okay to do bikini wax yourself at home?

Ans: If you are going to get a bikini wax for the first time, do not do it yourself, but get a bikini wax done by an expert professional, then you will be less worried about it. On the other hand, if you keep getting bikini wax done from the parlor, then you can wax the private part very easily at home with the help of wax strips.

Q3. Can I get a bikini wax during my period?

Ans: If you use a tampon, you can absolutely get a bikini wax. But it is best not to do bikini wax during periods. Because these are basic additives and anyway waxing during period causes more pain.

Q4. Is bikini wax completely safe?

Ans: Bikini wax is a very safe way to remove hair from the private part. Although this process is a bit painful but the results are very satisfactory.

Q5. How to remove hair from private part?

Ans: There are many ways to remove hair from private part. You can clean the private part with the help of bikini shaver, razor, hair removal cream and bikini wax. But during this time, take care of basic hygiene, otherwise there may be a risk of vaginal infection.

Q6. Which bikini wax reduces pain?

Ans: Heated hard wax and peel off wax is best for removing hair from the bikini area. It also reduces the pain and the hair comes out at once. (Benefits of Bikini Wax) is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: