Benefits of Eating Banana for Health and Disadvantages

Benefits of Eating Banana: There is no doubt that banana is a delicious fruit. But apart from being delicious, it is also very nutritious. If the morning starts with eating 1 banana daily, then the body remains fit. Banana is very beneficial. It is counted among those fruits, which fills the stomach by eating. People all over the world including India eat banana with great fervor. It will probably be the only fruit that can be made from chips to vegetables. Not only banana, its leaves are also beneficial.

In many places, food is also eaten on banana leaves. If you do not know, then you will be surprised to know the benefits of eating banana. For health, 1 banana daily is no less than a boon. Here we are telling you the advantages and disadvantages of eating banana, banana benefits. But before that let’s know about the nutritious element of banana.

Nutritional Elements of Banana

The elders of the house tell the benefits of eating 1 banana daily, especially during the summer season. That’s because 1 banana alone is a mine of many qualities. Vitamins, iron and fiber are found in banana. It is full of energy. This is the reason why athletes must eat bananas daily. Apart from this, vitamin-A, vitamin-B and magnesium, vitamin-C, potassium and vitamin-B6 are also found in banana.

Not only this, 64.3 percent water, 1.3 percent protein, 24.7 percent carbohydrate are found in banana. Some people think that banana increases obesity, so let us tell you that there is nothing like this. Actually, workout is needed after eating banana, if you are eating many bananas during the day without doing workout then it will increase the fat on your body.

Benefits of Banana – Kela Khane ke Fayde

1 banana a day is a mine of many nutritional properties. It is not only beneficial for elders but also for children. After the completion of 6 months, doctors also recommend banana blossoms to children. In many places, the banana tree is considered auspicious and it is also worshiped. The benefits of eating banana are many. It works to cure many diseases. Whether it is a stomach related disease or something else, banana is beneficial in all. Know here the benefits of eating banana (banana benefits).

Benefits of Eating Milk and Banana on an Empty Stomach

Many people eat milk and banana together. There are many facts about this mixture. Some people believe that this mixture together is harmful. It should not be mixed together but consumed separately. On the other hand, experts believe that people who wish to gain weight can consume a mixture of milk and banana on an empty stomach. Or those who need more energy during their work, they can also consume milk and banana together. But people suffering from asthma should avoid eating milk and banana together. Because this mixture causes allergies like mucus, which makes it difficult to breathe. (Health Benefits of Eating Banana)

For Digestive Power

Nothing can be better than banana for digestion power. If the digestive system is healthy then your whole body remains healthy. There are many benefits of eating banana for digestion power. Banana is rich in fiber, which helps in keeping the digestive system healthy. Resistant starch is also found in banana, which is beneficial for the stomach. (Beauty Benefits of Eating Banana)

To Increase Physical Energy

Bananas are also beneficial for increasing physical energy. 1 banana daily transmits energy in the body. Banana contains 89 calories per 100 grams, which makes the body feel energized. It is rich in nutrients like carbohydrates and proteins, which work to increase energy in the body. If you do a lot of hard work during the day or come in the category of athlete, then you should consume bananas daily. (Hair Benefits of Eating Banana)

For the Eyes

Do you know that banana is also beneficial for the eyes. Yes, banana works to increase the pigment in the retina of the eye. Apart from this, the vitamin-A present in it helps to see clearly even in low light. According to experts, people who consume 2-3 bananas a day, they have to deal less with the problem of vision loss in old age. (Skin Benefits of Eating Banana)

Relief From Depression

Banana also works to provide relief in diseases like depression. Actually, tryptophan salt protein is found in banana, which helps in fighting the disease of depression. This is the reason why the patient of depression is advised to eat 1 banana daily. Apart from this, even if you are going through the problem of sleeplessness, then banana is beneficial for you. (Benefits of Eating Banana for health)

During loose Motion

You must have often heard the elders of the house advising them to eat bananas when loose motion comes. Actually, banana binds the motion, which provides relief in loose motion. For this, beat a ripe banana and make it like butter. Now take some granules mixed with sugar candy in it two to three times a day. By doing this, the problem of loose motion will get relief. (Benefits of Eating Banana for skin)

Benefits of Eating Banana at Night

It is said that the consumption of banana is like gold in the morning, silver in the afternoon and brass in the night. This means that the properties of eating bananas also change over time. Banana benefits the most in the morning. It is rarely advised to eat bananas after the evening. But you can consume bananas to get a good night’s sleep. For this, you can eat 1 banana shortly before sleeping. One large banana contains 487 milligrams of potassium, which is 10 percent of our requirement.

Benefits of Eating Banana on Empty Stomach

There must be many times when in a hurry to leave the house early in the morning, you have missed breakfast and picked up 1 banana and ate it. Since bananas are heavy to eat, eating bananas makes the stomach feel full. But whether one should eat banana empty stomach in the morning or not, this question runs in everyone’s mind. Experts also have different views on this.

Some people believe that eating banana on an empty stomach in the morning is harmful. And some people do not consider it bad. Actually, if you fall in the category of athlete or do daily workouts, then eating banana in the morning can prove to be beneficial for you. On the other hand, even if you have acidity problem, you can consume banana empty stomach in the morning.

Disadvantages of Eating Banana

Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. If there are benefits of eating banana, then there are also disadvantages of eating banana. Eating more bananas can cause stomach pain. At the same time, there are some disadvantages of eating banana on an empty stomach. Actually, eating banana on an empty stomach can make the digestive system effective. On the other hand, eating bananas on an empty stomach causes lethargy instead of increasing energy in the body.

Apart from this, banana on an empty stomach can also be harmful for your heart. Potassium and magnesium are found in high amounts in bananas, so if consumed on an empty stomach, there can be an excess of both these nutrients in the blood, which can cause damage to the heart. Consuming more bananas also increases constipation.

Banana Benefits – FAQ’s

Q1. How many bananas should be eaten daily?

ANS: At most 10 bananas should be eaten daily. More than this can harm the body.

Q2. When should you not eat banana?

ANS: Banana should not be eaten at night. Apart from this, even if you are a patient of asthma, then eating banana should be avoided.

Q3. How to eat milk and banana to gain weight?

ANS: Make a shake by adding 1 glass of milk and 1 banana in a mixer grinder. After that consume it.

Q4. What are the benefits of eating banana and honey?

ANS: Constipation is cured by eating banana and honey.

Q5. What should not be eaten after eating banana?

ANS: You should avoid drinking water after eating banana.

Q6. How much calcium is found in banana?

ANS: About 6 mg of calcium is found in 1 banana.

Q7. What is the right time to eat banana?

ANS: The best time to eat banana is in the morning. Apart from this, you can also eat banana in the afternoon.

Q8. Should I eat banana at night?

ANS: It is advised not to eat banana at night, but if you have trouble sleeping then you can eat 1 banana before going to sleep at night.

Q9. Should I eat banana on an empty stomach in the morning?

ANS: Yes, banana should be eaten in the morning on an empty stomach

Q10. What are the benefits of eating banana after a meal?

ANS: Eating banana after a meal improves digestion.

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