Benefits of Eating Dill Seeds and Side Effects

Benefits of Eating Dill Seeds and Side Effects

In Ayurveda, not only herbs but also their seeds are very important. Be it the benefits of sunflower seeds, the benefits of chia seeds or the benefits of flaxseeds. One of these are dill seeds. Dill, also known as dill (Benefits of Eating Dill Seeds), is a herb that not only adds flavor to your food but also helps in keeping you healthy. A special ingredient in Indian curries, dill seeds are primarily used in foods for their pungent and savory flavor. From leaves to seeds, this plant does great things for your body, from regulating your digestive system to boosting your immunity and controlling blood pressure. Here we are telling you about the benefits of dill seeds.

Benefits of Eating Dill Seeds

  1. Improves digestion
  2. Help you sleep well
  3. Strengthen bones
  4. Stop diarrhea
  5. Beneficial in diabetes
  6. Strengthen immunity
  7. Helpful in stopping hiccups

Dill is an annual or perennial herbaceous plant (depending on the region in which it grows). The scientific name of dill is Anthem graveolent. It is a small plant, which grows to a height of 40-60 cm and belongs to the celery family. The stem of the dill plant is slender and the leaves eventually split into thread-like structures. The flowers of this plant range in color from white to yellow and can be anything in between. It is widely used in cuisines around the world for its aroma and for its medicinal properties. Like dill, there are also benefits of dill seeds, which we are telling you here.

Benefits of Eating Dill Seeds and Side Effects

Help you Sleep Well

Insomnia is a common disease among people these days, especially after the advent of smart phones and social media, it has increased a lot. Dill seeds can help overcome this problem, ensuring you get a good night’s sleep. Rich in enzymes and vitamins like B vitamins, dill acts as a sedative, relaxes the body and helps with sleep.

improves Digestion

Dill is an appetizer. It helps to increase the desire to eat so that you can enjoy the food more. At the same time, it improves the functioning of your digestive system and also cleanses your intestines. Dill seed essential oil stimulates and activates the secretion of digestive juices and bile. It helps the body to absorb nutrients easily. In addition, dill oil lubricates the intestines, which does not cause pain while passing stools. Although home remedies are also available to increase digestive power, but dill seeds are one of them.

Stop Diarrhea

Indigestion and the activities of microbes are two reasons that cause diarrhea. Dill seeds are packed with flavonoids and monoterpenes that act as very powerful antibacterial agents; Along with their digestive properties, dill seeds are a great remedy for an upset stomach. It not only helps in getting rid of the infection, but also helps in restoring the functioning of your digestive system and strengthens your immune system. Consumption of dill is a curative and excellent remedy for diarrhea.

Strengthen Bones

When the bones start feeling weak, then the symptoms of calcium deficiency start appearing. Dill contains a good proportion of calcium, which is essential to avoid brittle bones, especially in people suffering from osteoporosis. It also helps in speeding up the process of bone healing and hence is a great alternative to milk. It prevents bone loss and decrease in bone mineral density. It helps in the development of bones along with repairing them.

Beneficial in Diabetes

In cases of diabetes caused by corticosteroids, dill works well in reducing fluctuations in serum lipids and insulin levels. It helps in controlling the condition of diabetes. Therefore, consuming dill seeds is a healthy nutritious way to lower your blood sugar levels. You can also consume dill directly or make its juice, even dill used in pickles, which you can easily find in local markets.

Strengthen Immunity

Dill is a very good antimicrobial herb. It can also be included in the remedy to increase immunity. It helps prevent infection in internal organs as well as external cuts, wounds and open injuries. This property of dill helps the body fight various infections and builds up an immune system, which is strong and capable of dealing with more microbial infections.

Helpful in Stopping Hiccups

Hiccups can be quite annoying. The main reason behind this is the trapped gas which tries to go up the food pipe again and again. Often it is also caused by certain allergies, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity and nerve malfunction. The carminative property of sage, which reduces flatulence, is the reason why it stops hiccups and expels gas.

Uses of Dill Seeds

Dill helps deter worms. This makes it an essential product at home. It can be used to store grain over time and also reduce the harmful effects of chemical based toxic pesticides. This property of it also makes it good for preventing and fighting hair lice. Dill seed extract is used for this purpose. Also it is a very common ingredient in various cuisines of the world as a flavoring herb.

Disadvantages of Eating Dill Seeds

According to the researchers, dill is generally safe, but in rare situations, it can cause allergic reactions, vomiting, diarrhea, oral pruritus, hives and sore throat. People who are allergic to carrots may experience an allergic reaction to dill. However when dill is applied to the skin, sometimes it can cause skin irritation. This can put you at greater risk for sunburn and skin cancer. However, so far very few cases of allergy to dill have been recorded. You can use dill as a medicine during pregnancy or breastfeeding with a doctor’s advice.

FAQ’s About Eating Dill Seeds

Q1. What is the effect of dill seeds?

Answer- Is the taste of dill seeds hot.

Q2. Are dill weed and dill seed the same thing?

Answer: They come from the same plant, but dill weed is freshly leafy, imparting a mildly fresh flavor. Whereas dill seeds are considered more pungent.

Q3. How much quantity of dill should be eaten daily?

Answer- Dill can be included in small amounts of food daily.

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