Benefits of Eating Green Chilies and Disadvantages

Benefits of Eating Green Chilies: We all know that many people have the habit of eating green chilies. Chili adds flavor to the food. But

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Benefits of Eating Green Chilies and Disadvantages

Benefits of Eating Green Chilies: We all know that many people have the habit of eating green chilies. Chili adds flavor to the food. But green chilies present in the kitchen not only enhance the taste of food but also have many health benefits. Yes, the benefits of eating green chilies are the only benefits that very few people know.

Because often people think that eating hot green chilies can only cause irritation, what will be its benefits. But let us tell you that the consumption of chilies, rich in nutrients like vitamins, iron, potassium, fiber, protein, beta carotene, is very beneficial. It is easily available in the kitchen of every home of us Indians and is used to enhance the taste of your vegetables. But today here we will not discuss about its taste but about the Benefits and disadvantages of eating green chilies.

Benefits of Eating Green Chilies

Green chilies are important in the food of all Indians. Without this our food is not complete. To bring pungent and excellent taste to the food or to make the chutney delicious, chilies are used. You may not know, but chili is included in the diet to protect against many serious diseases. There are many benefits of eating chili. From weight loss to cancer prevention, chili has many health benefits. Today we will know in detail about the benefits of eating some such green chilies. (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies for health)

Good source of vitamin c

Green chilies are rich in Vitamin C. Vitamin C helps the body use other vitamins properly. Vitamin C is an important antioxidant, which strengthens our immune system. Along with this, antioxidants protect our cells from free radicals. (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies for skin)

Beneficial for eyes and skin

Vitamin A is found in green chilies. Due to which green chilies prove to be very beneficial for the eyes as well. Apart from this, eating green chilies also improves the skin. Because many types of vitamins are found in it, which are necessary to keep our skin healthy. (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies for beauty)

Help keep bacteria free

With the help of green chilies, the body can be kept free from bacteria (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies). Anti-bacterial properties are found in green chilies, due to which the body remains bacteria-free. It acts as an anti-inflammatory medicine for the skin. Not only this, by eating green chilies, the immunity of the body also increases.

To Have a Good Mood

You must have seen that some people like spicy food. They keep on eating it even though there are more chilies in many dishes. Green chilies release endorphins in the brain. This improves our mood and makes us feel happy. (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies)

For the Heart

Green chili is considered especially beneficial for heart patients. Research available by NCBI has found that green chilies contain a compound called capsaicin, which makes chilies pungent and healthy. People who consume green chilies daily are saved from heart attack. (Hair Benefits of Eating Green Chilies)

Remove iron Deficiency

Green chilies are very beneficial for people who are iron deficient because green chilies are a natural source of iron. (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies for hair)

To lose weight

Green chili is not the answer even in reducing weight. Actually, when we eat spicy food, then heat is produced in our body. This heat burns calories from our body. Its consumption also increases the level of metabolism. That is why the consumption of green chili also helps in weight loss. (Skin Benefits of Eating Green Chilies)

Beneficial for Diabetic Patients

It is better to use it for diabetic patients. Even in the case of diabetes, green chilies have the properties of controlling the level of blood pressure. It is a good insulin and enzyme inhibitor that helps in breaking down starch and sugar from food. (Beauty Benefits of Eating Green Chilies)

Helpful in fighting Cancer

Green chili is also beneficial for fighting cancer and keeping the body safe (health Benefits of Eating Green Chilies). It contains plenty of anti-oxidants, which along with internal cleaning of the body, reduces the risk of cancer by protecting it from free radicals. The anti-oxidant properties found in green chilies reduce free radicals and prevent cancer cells from growing. Its consumption also reduces the risk of lung cancer. That is why smokers should consume more green chilies.

Benefits of Drinking Green chili water

Many people do not like the pungent taste of green chilies, so instead they drink water from green chilies. Yes, the benefits of drinking green chili water are the only benefits. If your stomach is not clean, then the digestion process is better by consuming chili water. Therefore the food eaten gets digested better. At the same time, people who have pain in the body also get benefit from drinking green chili water.

Disadvantages of Eating Green chilies

Above you have just read about which vitamin is in green chili and the benefits of eating green chili, it is full of many properties, but it is also true that if anything will be good for any one, then it is not necessary that be good to all. Everything has both its merits and demerits. In the same way, there are both advantages and disadvantages of eating green chilies. However, eating too much chili can also make you sick. It has a serious effect on health, so it is very important to know the harm of green chilies. So let’s know about the disadvantages and precautions of eating green chili.

Consumption of more green chilies can cause problems for a person suffering from piles. That is why such people should consume very little green chilies who have piles problem.

Blood sugar level comes down to normal due to excessive consumption of green chilies. If you do not have a disease like diabetes, then you should reduce the consumption of green chilies.

Green chili is very harmful for ulcer patients. The antioxidants present in it increase the chances of ulcers.

Green chilies contain capsaicin. Excess consumption can cause skin problems. Many people also have problems like itching, rashes after consuming green chilies.

Green chili has more fiber. An overdose of this can cause diarrhea. That’s why use green chilies in the right amount.

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FAQ Related to Eating Green chili

Q1. How many green chilies should be eaten in a day?

Ans: Many people are often confused about how many green chilies should be eaten in a day. So let us tell you that at least 10 to 12 green chilies should be eaten in a day. If green chili is very spicy then do not eat it too much. It can also be harmful for you.

Q2. Why is chili hot?

Ans: Your mouth starts burning as soon as you eat green chilies. This is because a compound called capsaicin in chilies is responsible for the pungency. It occurs in the middle layer of the chili. Capsaicin acts on the nerves found on the tongue and skin and causes a burning reaction. Experts recommend eating it with anything. Eating only green chilies can increase the burning sensation in your mouth.

Q3. What can happen if you eat too much chili?

Ans: Eating more chilies can cause heartburn, acidity and diarrhea. Not only this, eating too much red chili can cause an asthma attack. That is why consume green chilies in balanced quantity only.

Q4. Is Green chili beneficial or harmful for pregnant women?

Ans: During pregnancy, many women crave for spicy food. In such a situation, the consumption of green chilies in balanced quantity is beneficial for the pregnant woman. Because green chili is rich in nutrients like vitamins, iron, potassium, fiber, protein, beta carotene, etc. But eating more green chilies can also cause problems.

Q5. Which chili is better green chili or red chili?

Ans: Dry red and green chilies are more beneficial than ground red chilies (Benefits of Eating Green Chilies). It is used less for spices and more for flavor. Anyway, there is a possibility of adulteration in ground red chili and it also causes irritation. Therefore, it is safer to use dry red chilies instead of red chili powder.

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