Benefits of Goji Berry for Skin and Hair

Benefits of Goji Berry for Skin and Hair

We begin by saying that berries are the epitome of superfoods. They are very tasty and at the same time they have many benefits. We all know about strawberries and blueberries but there is another berry which has started becoming a part of skin and hair care products. The name of this berry is Goji Berry. You must have consumed goji berry in fruit smoothies but it is an important part of Chinese and Himalayan diet. Rich in antioxidants, amino acids and minerals, goji berry is also very beneficial for your skin and hair. know Benefits of Goji Berry for Skin and Hair.

Benefits of Goji Berry for SkinĀ 

Benefits of Goji Berry for Skin and Hair

increase collagen production

Goji Berry contains Vitamin C and very powerful antioxidants that increase collagen production. It gives your skin a plump, firm, tight and youthful look.

Strengthens The Skin Barrier

In fact, goji berries contain high amounts of fatty acids such as linoleic acid, palmitic acid, etc., which strengthen the skin barrier and improve skin health. These benefits also protect the skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Enhances Skin Glow

Vitamin C plays an important role when it comes to brightening and enhancing the skin. Goji berry contains high amounts of vitamins which enhances glow and radiance. Also Vitamin C protects the skin from hyperpigmentation and gives an even skin tone.

Reduce Inflammation

Inflammation can occur on the skin due to acne, allergies or harmful rays of the sun. In this case, you can rely on goji berries as they have anti-inflammatory properties. Along with this, it also helps in protecting against problems like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Benefits of Goji Berry for Hair

Although there are not many benefits of goji berry for hair, but it is very beneficial for hair health. In fact, goji berry provides multidimensional care to your hair, including lox and scalp. Goji Berry is rich in Vitamins A, C and Zinc which are good for the scalp and promote hair growth, as well as reduce excessive hair fall. Being antioxidant rich, goji berry also keeps the problem of scalp acne away.

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