Benefits of Kahwa Tea Recipe, Know How to Make it at Home

Benefits of Kahwa Tea Recipe: Nowadays people also drink green tea and black coffee for good health. But today what we are going to tell you about is a kind of tea but not less than nectar. But this is not a new invention, it is part of the diet of Kashmiri people. We are talking about Kava or also called Kahwa, which is drunk in bitter cold weather. This spiced tea is very tasty and fragrant along with being very beneficial for health.

Kahwa is a caffeine free detox tea and its daily consumption can reduce your masala chai habit. Not only this, this healthy habit will also help you in keeping your weight under control. Natural antioxidants are present in this tea, which along with boosting immunity, is also beneficial for health. Let us know what is kava tea and about the benefits of kava tea.

What is Kahwa or Kava Tea?

After knowing the history of Kava tea, one thing is noted that this type of tea is drunk in India’s Kashmir, Afghanistan, Iran and parts of Central Asia. The word kava is spelled kava, kava, kava in many different ways. The mention of this tea is also found in the second century. Although its origin is not very clear, many believe that it originated in Kashmir. Because the word Kava means sweet tea in Kashmiri. Kava tea is usually made in places where garam masala is grown. Kava tea mainly contains cinnamon, cardamom and saffron. Therefore, the taste of this tea is very healthy and tasty. Although the taste of this tea is not much like everyday tea, but this tea is very beneficial for the health of the stomach.

Benefits of Drinking Kava Tea – Kahwa Tea Benefits

Today we are telling you about the immunity boosting Kashmiri Kava tea, which will improve your immune system in this difficult period, as well as keep you healthy. So let’s know about the benefits of Kava tea.

  • Kava tea is very beneficial for improving digestion. If you have stomach problems then you must drink kava tea.
  • This kava tea is also beneficial for burning fat, as it contains cinnamon which is extremely helpful in reducing weight. People who want to lose weight must drink kava tea daily.
  • Kava tea contains B vitamins. It also helps in increasing immunity. So this tea helps to drive away diseases.
  • If you have a cold, drink kava tea. It helps in curing cold.
  • The antioxidants present in kava help in increasing the immunity of the person.
  • Kava tea also has many beauty benefits. Antioxidants are found in kava tea which provide moisture to the skin and protect the skin from dryness. In addition, it also acts as antiaging, antiacne.

Kahwa Tea Recipe

To make kava tea, first boil water and add saffron, cardamom, cinnamon and boil it well. Sieve the tea. Just put some sugar on top and serve hot after adding almonds.


No matter how good kava tea is, overconsumption of it can cause excess spices to enter the body. which increases the heat. So you should consume it in moderation.

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