Health Tips: Know 10 Benefits of Both Bitter Neem and Sweet Neem

Health Tips: Know 10 Benefits of both bitter neem and sweet neem

Benefits of Neem: Sweet neem whose fresh leaves have a distinct fragrance. Which only enhances the taste of the food. It also gives many health benefits. Along with this, neem rich in antibiotic elements is known as the supreme medicine. Well, Neem has the solution to all your problems. It may be bitter in taste, but its benefits are like nectar.

So let’s know in this article 10 great benefits of sweet neem and bitter neem:

Benefits of Neem

1. If bitten by poisonous insects like scorpion wasp, grinding neem leaves on the bitten area gives relief, and the poison does not spread.

2. Even if there is any kind of wound, applying the paste of neem leaves gives a lot of benefit. Apart from this, applying a paste of neem leaves with olive oil also cures canker.

3. In case of ringworm or itching problems, grinding neem leaves with curd and applying it is very beneficial. And the problem of ringworm ends.

4. In the case of kidney stones, taking 2 grams ash of neem leaves with water daily, the stone starts to dissolve, and it comes out from the urethra.

5. In case of malarial fever, boil neem bark in water and make a decoction of it. Now taking this decoction thrice a day, filling two tablespoons, ends fever and also cures weakness.

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Benefits of sweet neem

1. Some people keep curry leaves out of the vegetable, while it should be eaten. Curry leaves are very nutritious. It also contains magnesium, calcium, phosphorous, iron and vitamins.

2. Liver is a very important part of the body and it is necessary to work properly without stopping continuously. Curry leaves strengthen the liver. It protects the liver from bacterial and viral infections. Apart from this, it also prevents many diseases like free radicals, hepatitis, cirrhosis.

3. Curry leaves contain sufficient amount of vitamin A. Vitamin A is very important for the health of the eyes. Its deficiency can cause many problems like reduced eyesight. So to meet the deficiency of vitamin A, you should also consume curry leaves.

4. Both iron and folic acid are found in curry leaves. Therefore, it also removes the lack of blood in the body.

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5. Curry leaves have many hair moisturizing properties. Which deeply cleanses the hair and makes them stronger as well as growing them. Make a powder of dry leaves of curry leaves and mix it with sesame or coconut oil, then heat this oil a little and massage it on the head. Keep it overnight and then shampoo in the morning. By massaging in this way, hair fall will stop and it will also be strong.

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