Benefits of Nutmeg and Side Effects of Nutmeg

Benefits of Nutmeg and Side Effects of Nutmeg

If you want to make your life joyful, then understand the importance of the spice named nutmeg present in the kitchen. It is not only known for the taste but also for its wonderful medicinal properties. Whether the problem is related to skin or health, nutmeg has every quality that solves all these problems. So let’s know about the amazing benefits of nutmeg and some home remedies related to it.

What is Nutmeg

The seeds of the Myristic tree are called nutmeg. Like a small pear in appearance, it grows from 1 inch to one and a half inches long, with a light red or yellowish pulp. When ripe, this fruit bursts into two parts and inside it, vermilion colored seeds start appearing, which is also called mace.

There is a kernel inside the mace, the upper part of which means nutmeg is found inside when the shell is broken. The botanical name of nutmeg is Myristic fragrance, which is called Jataphal in Sanskrit. It is widely grown in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Grenada, Kerala, Sri Lanka and South America.

Benefits of Nutmeg – Jaiphal ke Fayde

If we talk about the kitchen, then the taste of nutmeg and mace is almost the same. Nutmeg is sweeter while mace is more delicious. These spices are often used to add flavor and aroma to food. Not only this, nutmeg and nutmeg oil were also used in traditional medicine for ailments related to nerves and digestive system. Many of us use nutmeg as a spice at home. But do you know that Nutmeg has many such properties that help in keeping people of all ages healthy? Nutmeg contains many nutrients as well as antioxidants, vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties, fiber and minerals, which are very important to keep our body healthy. Be it children or elders, nutmeg works as a boon for everyone. So let us know how nutmeg protects from which diseases and what are the benefits of nutmeg.

Benefits of Nutmeg and Side Effects of Nutmeg

Benefits of Nutmeg for Skin

Along with bringing flavor to the food, the properties of nutmeg prove to be effective in removing every problem related to the skin. The anti-inflammatory properties present in it help a lot in preventing acne. By using nutmeg, problems like freckles, blemishes, dark circles also end. Not only this, if any injury mark is reducing the beauty of your face for a long time, then the use of nutmeg can also reduce your problem.

Benefits of Nutmeg for Digestive System

If you use nutmeg in food, then it not only enhances the taste and aroma in the food, but also takes care of your digestive system. Consuming it increases appetite and provides relief from stomach related diseases like constipation, gas, dyspepsia, abdominal cramps and diarrhoea.

Benefits of Nutmeg for Headache

No matter how much headache is being caused, the properties of nutmeg make these pains go away in minutes. Yes, in case of headache, rubbing nutmeg in water or raw milk and applying it as a paste on the forehead provides great relief.

Benefits of Nutmeg for Eyes

There are many such anti-oxidants in the properties of nutmeg which protect us from diseases related to eyes. Along with this, its use also increases the eyesight. But keep in mind that nutmeg should not go inside the eyes. If you are applying it, then apply it only on the outer skin of the eyes.

Benefits of Nutmeg in Insomnia

Insomnia lack of sleep at night is the result of our changing lifestyle. If sleep is not complete then there is a feeling of heaviness in the head, tiredness and irritability in the body throughout the day. If you are also dealing with such problems, then you can avoid these problems with the remedy of nutmeg. A research has revealed that taking a pinch of nutmeg does not cause any disturbance in sleep. This is because nutmeg contains a chemical called Trimyristin, which relaxes our muscles and makes us sleep well.

Benefits of Nutmeg in Pregnancy

The benefits of nutmeg during pregnancy are many. If nutmeg is being used in proper quantity during pregnancy, then it proves to be beneficial. Nutmeg is very useful even if you are thinking of conceiving. But if you are using nutmeg during pregnancy, do consult your doctor.

Benefits of Nutmeg for Children

Nutmeg serves as a doctor at home for young children. There is some problem in the body of small children all the time, sometimes they complain of diarrhea and sometimes cough or cold. In this case nutmeg proves beneficial. Giving nutmeg powder mixed with mother’s milk to children younger than 9 months, provides relief in complaints like diarrhea and cough and cold.

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Disadvantages of Nutmeg – Side Effects of Nutmeg

Too much of anything is bad, so everything should be used to a limit. Exactly the same is the case with nutmeg. If you are consuming nutmeg in excess quantity then it can also have adverse effect on your body and you may have to face problems like vomiting, weakness, dizziness, nausea. The harm of nutmeg is especially seen in those people who live in hot areas, they should not use nutmeg much.

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