Benefits of Poppy Seeds and Disadvantages

Benefits of Poppy Seeds and Disadvantages

Benefits of Poppy Seeds: In today’s run-of-the-mill life, due to the changing lifestyle, there are many problems. Even though these problems are not serious, they can lead to serious illness over time. So we need to take care of our health. The hot spices present in your kitchen not only enhance the taste of food but also protect your health. Most of these spices are used as Ayurvedic medicine and poppy seeds are one of them. Poppy seeds are a type of oilseed. Poppy seeds are considered an excellent source of protein.

Poppy seeds are also rich in omega-6 fatty acids and fiber. In addition, it contains a variety of phytochemicals, B vitamins, thiamine, calcium and magnesium. There are many health benefits of consuming it. Along with this, these small white-beige colored seeds also provide relief from many health problems. The nature of poppy seeds is cooling. Therefore, skin problems and stomach problems can be controlled to a great extent by their consumption. Here we are giving you detailed information about what is poppy seeds, advantages and disadvantages of poppy seeds so that you can use poppy seeds according to your need.

What is a Poppy Seed?

Poppy seeds are a medicine, it is known by many names like poppy seeds or khus khus or vetiver grass in English, poppy seeds, Mudival in Kannada, Ushiram in Tamil, Venar origin in Bengal, etc. Poppy seeds are not only used as medicine, but curtains, fans etc. are also made from the root of its plant. Poppy seeds are a very nutritious food item used in Indian cuisine. They not only work to fill the stomach, but they are also used in the treatment of medical problems. Poppy seeds contain omega 3 and omega 6. It also contains fatty acids, protein, fiber, thiamine, calcium and manganese. All these nutrients will help you stay fit.

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Benefits of Eating Poppy Seeds

Poppy seeds also improve health in many ways. There are many health benefits of consuming it. Along with this, these small white-beige colored seeds also provide relief from many health problems. Poppy seeds in particular can be used as a remedy for stomach related problems. Its nutrients provide relief from gas, indigestion and constipation. Including poppy seeds in the diet as per the doctor’s advice will help in reducing stomach problems. Let us know about other health benefits of poppy seeds.

Benefits of poppy seeds and milk

Drinking poppy seeds mixed with milk has many health benefits. During summer, drinking poppy seeds mixed with milk keeps the body temperature under control. This milk protects the body from external heat. On the other hand, drinking milk in this way in the cold season cures cold and cough immediately. If you want to lose weight, then you should drink milk by adding poppy seeds daily. Poppy seeds contain omega 3 fatty acids which help in weight loss. This milk also acts as a pain reliever. If there is pain in any kind of part, then drinking this milk will definitely give you relief.

Benefits of Almonds and poppy seeds

Almonds and poppy seeds have benefits for constipation and blood pressure patients and a better tasty option too. Yes, drinking almond and poppy milk has many benefits. It is beneficial for your body as well as mind. It not only protects you from stress and depression but also increases your brain power. Along with this, it also helps in keeping your digestive system healthy.

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Benefits of Makhana and Poppy seeds

Many people are unaware of the benefits of makhana and poppy seeds, but it is very beneficial for our body. Our metabolism is accelerated by drinking milk containing makhana and poppy seeds. It balances our body weight. At the same time, people who are thin can also consume it with great ease. Poppy milk Makhana is a treasure trove of calcium and phosphorus. So it is very beneficial to strengthen bones and teeth.

Benefits of poppy seeds and walnuts

The benefits of poppy seeds and walnuts are tremendous. Poppy seeds and walnuts are two different beneficial things and when both are mixed together, they work as medicine. If you have any kind of constipation or stomach related problem, then take poppy seeds and walnuts together. Along with this, if there is a problem of sleeplessness, then it also gets cured by consuming it.

Poppy seeds for mouth ulcers

There is a tried-and-tested home remedy of poppy seeds to get rid of mouth ulcers. In Ayurveda, it has been described as a food to reduce body heat. Crack it with sugar to get relief from ulcers. The blisters will start to subside.

Get rid of insomnia

Poppy seeds calm your mind and reduce stress on your mind. Poppy seeds are rich in magnesium. This mineral lowers the body’s cortisol, a stress hormone. It calms the mind and helps in falling asleep. For those who do not sleep early at night, roast some poppy seeds and add some milk to it and grind them in a mixer to make a paste. This paste taken with warm milk before sleeping at night helps in getting a deep and restful sleep.

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Constipation relief

Poppy seeds are one of the most effective and best remedy for the problem of constipation. Due to this the digestive system works better. Apart from calcium in this, you get plenty of nutrients like omega 3, protein, manganese, thiamine etc. together. At the same time, the amount of fiber is high in it. Which prevents constipation or constipation.

Controls Blood pressure

Oleic acid‘ is a special element found in poppy seeds that regulates your blood pressure. For those who suffer from high blood pressure or low blood pressure, the right amount of poppy seeds in the diet can help reduce high blood pressure. Not only this, poppy seeds also help in controlling the pressure even if the blood pressure is very low.

Make Bones Strong

They play a major role in the formation of collagen that protects bones from damage. That is why, it can be said that eating poppy seeds makes bones strong. Calcium and phosphorus are among the main elements found in poppy seeds. Both these elements have properties that improve bone health. Apart from calcium, zinc and copper are also found in large quantities in poppy seeds, which increase the mass of bones, which is called ‘bone mineral density’.

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Boosts immunity

Poppy seeds are a mineral in which zinc is found in large quantities. Zinc is very useful for boosting your immunity. Zinc is particularly useful in treating cold, cough and fever. Therefore, for people who have frequent cold and cough, poppy seeds are very beneficial for them. That is why the benefits of eating poppy pudding are the only benefits, that is why it is also called immunity booster pudding.

Increases Hemoglobin

The red blood cells in your blood supply oxygen to other cells in the body with the help of hemoglobin. Anemia occurs when there is a deficiency of hemoglobin in the body. The extra iron in your diet increases the level of hemoglobin in your blood. Poppy seeds are rich in iron, so it is a home remedy for anemia.

Side Effect of Poppy Seed

Excess of everything is bad, even if it is nuts or fruits. That is why even if you do not consume poppy seeds in the prescribed quantity, then you may have to face its side effects too. You may also have to suffer the harm of poppy seeds by eating it in large quantities. So let’s know about the harm of eating poppy seeds.

  • Not everything suits many people. Due to this, many people are allergic to eating poppy seeds and they can also face problems like constipation, nausea and itchy skin.
  • Excessive consumption of poppy seeds can cause dizziness and fainting. Because poppy is made from the poppy plant.
  • Consuming poppy seeds in excess can cause respiratory problems. People who have asthma problems should not consume poppy seeds in excess.
  • The unripe seeds of poppy seeds contain alpheid from morphine, which is a pain reliever, which can also lead to addiction, so only its ripe seeds should be consumed.
  • Laziness and lethargy also increase due to excessive consumption of poppy seeds.

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Poppy seeds Related FAQs

Q1. How to use poppy seeds?

Ans: You can use poppy seeds to flavor vegetable gravy, add crunch to sweets and make poppy seeds pudding. Apart from this, taking poppy seeds with milk, almonds, makhana and walnuts daily keeps the health healthy.

Q2. What is the taste of poppy seeds?

Ans: The taste of poppy seeds is cold. That is why it should be consumed in hot weather or with hot things. In winter, it can cause cough and cold.

Q3. How much is poppy seeds per Kg?

Ans: At present, the price of poppy seeds is Rs.900 per kg. You will get it very easily in any grocery market or grocer’s shop. is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: