Benefits of Seasonal juice and Disadvantages

Benefits of Seasonal juice and Disadvantages

Benefits of Seasonal juice: Tangy, juicy and citrus fruits have always been known not only for their succulent taste but also for the copious amounts of nutrients they provide. Citrus fruits like lemon, orange, strawberry etc. have a large proportion, Seasonal. Available year round, the benefits of drinking a glass of fresh seasonal juice are many. It works to quench your thirst, replenish electrolytes and hydrate the body from within. Seasonal, belongs to the family of sweet lemons. Botanically speaking, it goes with the name Citrus limata and this fruit which is native to the southern regions of Iran is also found extensively in the Mediterranean basin.

Benefits of Seasonal Juice

You will see people drinking a refreshing glass of Seasonal juice with chaat masala and black salt during the scorching summer months. Seasonal actually contains less acid than ordinary lemon, and hence its mild and savory taste owes to the benefits of seasonal juice. Seasonal is a bit difficult to eat as it has abundant seeds and thick rind. But on the other hand Seasonal juice is equally delicious and popular. But do you know that the benefits of seasonal juice rich in flavor are also many. Here we are telling you the benefits of drinking seasonal juice.

Seasonal Juice for Constipation

Constipation is a common problem, often caused by excessive consumption of heavy food, poor liver function, lack of digestive juices, etc. There are some home remedies available to treat digestive problems and Seasonal juice is one of them. Drinking Seasonal juice daily releases bile juice, digestive acid, improves intestinal functioning and treats constipation. (Health Benefits of Seasonal juice)

Seasonal Juice Benefits for Ulcer

Peptic ulcers are open sores that form in the inner lining of the stomach, above the small intestine. These ulcers cause severe pain and discomfort in the stomach, making it difficult to even drink water. If not treated in time, can affect the inner lining of the esophagus. Seasonal juice is not acidic in nature even though it is sour, which is why the benefits of drinking Seasonal juice soothes peptic ulcers.

Benefits of Seasonal juice and Disadvantages

Benefits of Seasonal Juice for Scurvy

Scurvy caused due to deficiency of Vitamin C is also known as Molar disease and it causes extreme fatigue, bleeding gums, bruising, hair loss etc. Seasonal juice rich in Vitamin C helps in getting rid of this problem and recovers health at a faster rate. To beat scurvy, consume at least 2 glasses of Seasonal juice daily.

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Sweet Lime Benefits for Jaundice

The benefits of drinking seasonal juice are also seen in jaundice. Jaundice is caused by high levels of bilirubin in the blood and can also be caused by hepatitis, gallstones and even tumors. Patients suffering from jaundice need to take a strict diet as oily, greasy food makes the condition worse. Ayurvedic practitioners recommend including seasonal in the daily diet as it is easily digested and improves liver function.

Drink Seasonal Juice to Improve Immunity

Vitamin C plays an important role in building immunity and protecting the body from various seasonal infections like cough, cold and fever (Benefits of Seasonal juice). Seasonal juice being a powerhouse of this important vitamin also acts as an immunity booster. Consume juice made from this nutritious fruit at least thrice a week to beat viral and bacterial infections.

Seasonal Juice Strengthen Bones

The problem of bones is very old. With increasing age, especially in women, the complaints of weakening of bones also increase. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis is the result of inflammation of tissues caused by immune cells. Rich in vitamin C and folic acid, Seasonal strengthens bones and improves joint function.

Seasonal Juice Benefits for Kidney Stone

Kidney stones are very painful. These tiny mineral deposits form crystals, which can aggravate lower back pain and cause difficulty in toileting. Consuming citrus fruits as part of the daily diet significantly reduces the chances of kidney stones. Consume mosambi regularly to prevent and remove these painful kidney stones naturally.

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Sweet Lime Benefits to Keep Heart Healthy

It is said that if the heart is healthy then you are also healthy. But in today’s lifestyle, heart health has become very fragile. High blood pressure, stress, accumulation of fat are some of the major reasons for the poor functioning of the heart. Improve heart function by consuming Seasonal juice as part of your daily diet plan to lower high blood pressure, prevent the formation of plague in the arteries.

Seasonal Juice to Remain Hydrated

Dehydration is responsible for many serious conditions ranging from sudden fever, chills, fainting to fainting to electrolyte imbalance. Rich in potassium, magnesium, manganese and other minerals, a glass of Seasonal juice gives you everything you need to replenish lost electrolytes and hydrate you completely.

Benefits of Seasonal Juice in Pregnancy

The benefits of seasonal juice are also seen in pregnancy. Seasonal juice is rich in vitamins as well as folic acid. This develops the muscles of the baby, as well as this juice also protects them from the risk of infection. Seasonal juice is very beneficial in the development of the baby.

Nutritious Elements of Seasonal juice

Seasonal is a delicious citrus fruit, which is loaded with various vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, fiber, potassium, magnesium etc. Eating Seasonal regularly or drinking Seasonal juice keeps the heart healthy and soothes the lining of the intestines. This antioxidant-rich fruit also helps reduce the risk of cancer. It is low in acidic content and contains 50 mg of vitamin C, which is about 22% of the daily dietary requirement. Apart from iron, calcium, vitamin B6, thiamine, potassium, niacin, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium are also abundant.

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How to Make Seasonal Juice At Home

Mosambi juice is very easy to make. For this you need (Health Benefits of Seasonal juice).


  • 3 Seasonal
  • 1 lemon
  • 1 pinch salt
  • 1-2 teaspoons sugar (optional)
  • 1/2 cup water

Benefits of Seasonal juice and Disadvantages

Method to make Seasonal juice

  • Cut the sweet lemon in half.
  • Take out the juice in the juicer.
  • Strain the juice and add lemon juice, salt, sugar and water to it.
  • Mix everything together.
  • Seasonal juice is ready.

Disadvantages of Seasonal Juice

Although Seasonal is a fruit rich in various nutrients (Benefits of Seasonal juice), but it should be consumed in moderation. However, excessive consumption of this fruit can lead to digestive issues including nausea, vomiting. Make sure to brush your teeth after consuming this fruit as the acidic content in these fruits can cause cavities and remove the enamel from the teeth.

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FAQ’s About the Benefits of Seasonal juice

Q1. When and How should I drink Seasonal juice?

Ans: Seasonal juice should be drunk mostly in summer on an empty stomach.

Q2. Should we drink seasonal juice in fever?

Ans: Yes, Seasonal juice should be drunk in fever. Especially in dengue and malaria fever or very important for the body.

Q3. How much Seasonal juice should I drink?

Ans: At least one glass of Seasonal juice should be drunk in a day.

Q4. Why does the seasonal juice turn bitter?

Ans: While making the juice of seasonal, its seeds are also crushed together. This is the reason why seasonal juice turns bitter.

Q5. Which vitamins are there in seasonal?

Ans: Vitamin C is abundant with Vitamin-A, Calcium, Carbohydrate, Phosphorous and Potassium.

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