Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating

Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating: In today’s modern lifestyle, everything is made keeping in mind the comfort of our body, one of which is the dining table. Yes, this is the place where we all sit on chairs and eat our food. But do you know that this rest is causing the most damage to our body. Even though today you may feel embarrassed to sit on the ground and eat food, but this method can give you a lot of health benefits.

Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating

The old Indian way of eating while sitting on the floor is the most scientific and correct way of eating. When we sit down to eat, we usually sit cross-legged, which is also known as Sukhasan or Padmasan. It has also been told in Ayurveda that food should be taken while sitting in the posture of Sukhaasana. Because when we take the food in the mouth by leaning forward, then our gut works better in bringing the food to the right place. Today here we are telling you the benefits of eating food sitting on the ground, which will help you a lot in getting better health. (Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating)

Improves Body Posture

Like all other yoga asanas, sitting in Sukhasana helps you maintain a good posture and gives you relief from muscle and joint pain. It gives you flexibility, keeps your back straight and provides strength to your legs. Some studies also claim that people who practice this habit have a longer life expectancy than those who do not. This is because practicing the art of getting up without support requires core strength and agility. That is why it is considered the best posture to sit cross-legged on the ground while eating.

Helps in Weight loss

The movement of the body is accelerated by getting up and sitting. Eating while sitting on the floor also helps you feel full sooner, preventing you from overeating. Instead of sitting on a chair, spread a mat, cross your legs and keep your back straight. Follow this pattern regularly if you want to reduce obesity. This position is also effective in relaxing your mind and hence, keeps you from overeating. It also helps in reducing fatigue and body weakness. (Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating)

Body Stretching is Better

When we eat while sitting on a chair, the hips can become tight and strong, while eating while sitting on the floor can easily stretch the hip flexors. (Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating)

Helps Digestion

Sitting cross legged on the floor (Sukhasana) helps in improving our digestion process. Place your plate on the ground, and to eat, move your body forward slightly and come back to the original position. This repeated action results in activation of the stomach muscles, which increases the secretion of stomach acid and helps in faster digestion of food. (Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating)

Accelerates Blood Circulation

By eating food sitting on the ground, the blood circulation in our body becomes faster. Because it calms the nerves and removes the tension in it. It keeps the heart healthy when we are sitting; There is less pressure on our body and heart. In Sukhasana, the blood flow is distributed evenly throughout the body. This is the reason why it is considered healthy for heart patients to eat while sitting on the floor. (Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating)

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Connects to Land and Family

Not only does sitting have immediate health benefits, but it also helps with a number of psychological and emotional factors. Sitting down to eat our food makes us humbler and more grounded. It also unites the family. So, make sure you start eating your meal with your family and loved ones sitting on the floor and avoid playing television or mobile during the meal. (Benefits of Sitting on the Floor While Eating)

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