Best 5 Emote like Pirates Flag in Free Fire Max

Best 5 Emote like Pirates Flag in Free Fire Max

There are many cool emotes available in Free Fire MAX. However, some of these are more fun and popular. This article lists best 5 of the funniest emote for Free Fire Max that have been released so far.

There are many cosmetic items available in Free Fire MAX. From time to time the developer of the game Garena also keeps adding new things. Several emotes have been introduced recently on Free Fire Max’s Indian servers. Emotes are very much liked among the players.

Pirate’s Flag emote is very much liked in the game. It was first introduced in March 2020 through Pirate Top Up. Players can buy 500 Diamonds and get them as a bonus. However, apart from this, many such emotes are also available in the game. Here are 5 such best emotes. Come on, let’s know.

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Best Emote from Free Fire MAX

The Creed Slay emote came with the Assassin’s Creed Top Up event at Free Fire MAX. Earlier this year when Garena collaborated with Assassin’s Creed. Along with this, emotes was introduced in the game. This was being found at the event held in March.

Win and Chill Emote

When game developers collaborate with someone, it is common for new items to come into the game. Free Fire and McLaren collaborated in 2021. For this reason, many new and attractive items were introduced in the Battle Royale title. The Win and Chill emote is one of the coolest cosmetic items in the game. This could be found through McLaren Top Up.

Winner Throw Emote

After collaborating with the popular boy band, Garena introduced exciting items based on BTS. One of the events Garena offered to gamers was BTS Top-Up. It was getting themed emote with a unique vehicle skin named Soldier Nightmare Motor Bike.

Flowers of Love

Flowers of Love emote is very much liked in the game. It was released a few years back, but was reintroduced in 2020 as part of Valentine’s Day Top Up. To get the emote, players had to buy a total of 500 diamonds.

FFWC Throne

The Free Fire World Cup (FFWC) was the first international free fire competition held in the year 2019. An event was started in the game for him. Among the various events that were added was the FFWC Top Up event, in which the FFWC Throne emote was added. Players will need 300 Diamonds in their account to get it.

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