Best Aerobic Exercises – Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Best Aerobic Exercises – Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

What do people do nowadays to maintain their fitness? From getting up early in the morning to morning walk to working out with machines in expensive gym, they do everything. Let us tell you that there are many ways to exercise to keep yourself fit. Apart from minor exercises, yoga and exercise (Best Aerobic Exercises), aerobic is also a fun way to keep yourself fit.

The biggest advantage of adopting aerobic exercise is that it is a fun way of exercise, which will not let you get bored at all and will also keep your health in good shape. Like other exercises for fitness, aerobic exercise or aerobic exercise is also quite a hit exercise. Aerobic exercise is a very good exercise for weight loss and reducing belly fat. The most important thing is that by doing aerobic exercise at home, you can easily lose weight as well as get flat stomach.

What Is Aerobic Exercise ?

Aerobic exercise (Best Aerobic Exercises) is a physical activity in which every part of the body and several muscle groups work together. Aerobic means the presence of oxygen. That’s why it is also called cardiovascular activity. Activities such as walking, jogging, biking, dancing, swimming, etc. come under aerobic exercise. Experts agree that everyone should do 150 minutes of vigorous activity a week.

Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Like every exercise, there are many benefits to doing aerobic exercise. Its different types help you a lot in staying fit. Know its benefits. (Best Aerobic Exercises).

  1. Doing aerobic exercise burns more calories.
  2. Body fat is reduced.
  3. The heart remains healthy and fit.
  4. Increases good HDL cholesterol in the body and reduces toxic LDL cholesterol.
  5. By doing aerobic exercise, blood circulation is done properly. Due to this, the toxic elements come out from the body.
  6. By doing aerobic exercise daily, type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart diseases can be avoided.
  7. Doing aerobic exercise increases the immunity of the body.

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Other Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Apart from the special benefits mentioned above, there are many benefits of aerobic exercise, knowing which one can stay healthy and fit.

Weight Loss

Aerobic exercise is essential to reduce fat. Aerobic also helps in improving blood circulation and reducing the risk of heart diseases. In terms of fitness, it helps in burning belly fat.

Healthy Mind

Doing aerobics is not only beneficial for your physical health, but it is also a very effective exercise for your brain. If you have a bad mood or get more angry then doing aerobics is a great option for you.

For Energy

You must have seen some people that they get tired of doing even a little work. They must do aerobic exercise. This exercise protects the brain cells from damage and helps in better supply of oxygen, which makes you feel refreshed.

Body Strength

Doing aerobic exercise strengthens the hips and waist. By doing this you can expect to improve strength, stamina, endurance, concentration and reduce stress.

Best Aerobic Exercise for Fitness – Aerobic Exercises For Fitness

If you do 25 to 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day, it can change your life. Especially when you are struggling with obesity, heart disease or sugar disease, then these aerobic exercises are no less than a boon for you. Let us know about 15 such best aerobic exercises, which help in making the body completely healthy.

1. Jogging Aerobic Exercises

Best Aerobic Exercises – Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

The fresh air of the morning makes you relax and makes the mood pleasant. Jogging done for just 30 minutes is as beneficial as a workout done in the gym for two hours. It is a high cardio activity, which not only reduces body fat, but also provides enough stamina to the body. Jogging can be done both in the morning and evening, but morning jogging is more beneficial because the amount of oxygen in the morning air is more. When oxygen is carried in the body through the breath, it reaches all parts of the body through the blood, due to which every part of the human body functions properly.

Benefits of Jogging

If you jog for 30 minutes every day, then weight is reduced, aerobic exercise not only does weight loss, but it also increases immunity and all parts of the body like kidney, prostate, lungs etc. Cancer is prevented. Not only this, it also increases the level of hormones called endorphins in the body. It is a feel-good hormone, which reduces stress and prevents depression.

  • How long to do – 30 minutes daily

2. Swimming Aerobic Exercises

Best Aerobic Exercises – Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Aerobics should be started slowly and then gradually increase the speed. Swimming is an aerobic exercise in which the whole body is exercised simultaneously. Swimming helps to tone the shoulders, arms, waist, back, abdomen and legs. This is a great aerobic exercise to reduce extra calories.

Benefits of Swimming

By swimming for half an hour, up to 440 calories can be reduced from the body. That’s why swimming not only helps you in keeping the body fit, but it also protects against many diseases. Swimming daily or even 4 to 5 days a week helps you to increase your stamina. Not only this, swimming also reduces your mental stress.

  • How many times and for How long – 4 times a week for 30 minutes

3. Cycling Aerobic Exercises

Cycling Aerobic

If you are also in the mood to lose weight and keep the weight under control in future, then instead of spending thousands of rupees in the gym, start cycling. Cycling is the best workout, which reduces belly fat as well as reduces weight. Digestive power also improves by cycling daily. If you want a fit and active body then start cycling from today itself.

Benefits of Cycling

Regular cycling protects the skin from the ill effects of ultraviolet rays, due to which the signs of aging are not visible on the face. Therefore, when you do cycling for a few hours as an exercise, your skin looks more beautiful and glowing due to adequate supply of oxygen to the blood cells and skin. Apart from this, the immune cells of the body are also more active and the risk of diseases is also less.

  • When and How often to do it – 30 to 35 minutes, 5 times a week

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4. Rope Skipping Aerobic Exercises

Best Aerobic Exercises – Benefits of Aerobic Exercise

Jumping rope in childhood is one such option of aerobic exercise, which not only makes the body tone but also becomes healthy. To reduce belly fat, jump rope for 10 to 15 minutes daily. It is effective in burning fat. Therefore, if you want to keep the body strong and fit along with making the body very beautiful and attractive, then make a habit of jumping rope for 15 minutes daily.

Benefits of Rope Skipping

Jumping rope makes abs and thighs strong. If you are troubled by your obesity or ever-increasing weight, then jumping rope is very beneficial for you. It also helps to tone your body and make the muscles flexible. Let us tell you that jumping rope can be called the best form of cardio exercise. When you jump rope, your heart starts beating faster. Due to this, more oxygen starts going into your lungs. This reduces the stress of the body.

  • When and How often to do it – for 25 to 30 minutes, daily

5. Zumba Dance Aerobic Exercises

Zumba Dance

Dance fitness exercise not only keeps you fit by reducing your weight but also makes your skin healthy along with keeping your body healthy. Aerobics dance Zumba dance is considered to be the best and natural way to get fit and relieve stress. By burning 400 to 600 calories in an hour, it keeps your blood pressure right and also increases bone density.

Benefits of Zumba Dance

Although there are many benefits of aerobics dance, but the biggest advantage is that it makes the body balanced, confident and flexible. Zumba dance helps you with soft movements of each part of your body and keeps your shoulders, heart and hips in shape. By doing this regularly, the chances of getting diseases like heart disease, obesity, thyroid etc.

  • When and How often to do – 35 to 40 minutes, 5 times a week

6. Boxing Aerobic Exercises


Boxing is an exercise that benefits the whole body. Along with increasing stamina, it also helps in reducing belly fat. You can do simple boxing or kick boxing. Practice boxing everyday by hanging a punch bag at home. You will enjoy it and you will also lose weight. These fitness exercises completely help you to become completely healthy and fight diseases.

Benefits of Boxing

Regular boxing exercise keeps you away from stress, depression and anxiety. After some time you will start feeling mentally happy. By doing this exercise, endorphins are made in the body, which work to keep us happy. It also leads to good sleep and this fitness exercise improves the flow of blood, due to which your thinking power also increases.

  • When and How often to do it – 25 to 30 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week

7. Weight Lifting Aerobic Exercises

Weight Lifting

This is such an aerobic exercise, which is done with the help of equipment. Weight lifting is a great way to improve cardiovascular power. Usually weight lifting exercises are done inside the gym center itself. This fitness exercise is very helpful in providing better body to the body and reducing fat. You can do weight lifting using dumbbells or machines.

Benefits of Weight Lifting

Doing weight lifting aerobic exercise strengthens the bones, especially it is important for women. Along with this, weight lifting strengthens the connective tissue. With age comes the need to protect the “tendons” and ligaments, and a strong body helps you with this. However, keep in mind that whenever you do weight lifting, do it only with the help of a professional.

  • When and How often to do – 35 to 40 minutes, 4 to 5 times a week

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8. Running Aerobic Exercise


A person who runs 50 miles a week has higher HDL and lower cholesterol than others, making him fit. Running is one of the simplest forms of exercise as it not only helps you in reducing your extra weight, but also strengthens the immune system by giving energy to the body. Running shoes are needed for this.

Benefits of Running

People who do running exercise on a daily basis have a lower risk of bone-related diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. It helps in making bones and muscles strong. Running helps in improving the bone density of our legs and waist. It also helps in improving digestion and it increases appetite.

  • When and How often to do it – for 25 to 30 minutes, daily

9. Yoga


There are many such asanas in yoga, which reduce weight and reduce belly fat easily. It strengthens you from inside and makes the body shapely. However, along with this you should also abstain from eating and drinking.

Benefits of Yoga

Doing yoga makes a difference to the whole body. It also gets rid of blood pressure and other diseases.

  • When and How often to do – for 1 hour, daily

10. Fast walking

Fast walking

In jogging, you run slowly, while in fast walking you take long strides. Fast walking twice a day helps in reducing belly fat. You can walk briskly while talking to someone or listening to a song on your headphones.

Benefits of Fast walking

Fast walking helps in improving blood circulation and reducing the risk of heart diseases. Along with this the mood is also good.

  • When and How often to do – for 1 hour, daily

11. Bollywood Dance Aerobic Exercises

Bollywood Dance

You can also do step dance or Bollywood dance in aerobics dance. For this, you should do the dance of your choice with full enthusiasm and energy for 10 to 15 minutes.

Benefits of Bollywood Dance

It reduces mental fatigue and stress, makes the body flexible and also reduces belly fat.

  • When and How often to do – 30 to 35 minutes, daily

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12. Stair Climbing Aerobic Exercises

Stair Climbing

Warm-up is to be done before starting the exercise, the best way is to climb and descend the stairs, in the beginning, practice climbing and descending the stairs for 10-15 minutes.

Benefits of Stair Climbing

This makes your body active and refreshed. Also gets ready for workouts.

  • When and How often to do it – for 10 to 15 minutes, daily

13. Squats Aerobic Exercises

Squats Aerobic Exercise

Squats is a very easy workout, you can do squats regularly to make the whole body shapely along with staying fit. This exercises your whole body.

Benefits of Squats

Leg fat can be easily reduced by doing squats. Deep squats are considered a great exercise to reduce the fat of the thighs or hips.

  • When and How often to do – for 20 minutes, 3 times a week

14. Jumping Jacks Aerobic Exercises

Jumping Jacks

The big advantage of doing jumping jack exercises is that it strengthens your body and also increases your physical capacity. Doing this fast for about 20 minutes burns 300 calories.

Benefits of Jumping Jacks

Jumping jack workout stimulates the heart muscles and increases blood circulation in the body by increasing the heart beat.

  • When and How often to do it – for 25 minutes, 4 times a week

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FAQs About Aerobic Exercise

Q1. What type of shoes should be used for aerobic exercise?

Ans: Use such shoes for aerobic exercise, using which you do not get hurt.

Q2. What kind of exercise should be done by people with high blood pressure?

Ans: People who have high blood pressure can walk. Apart from this, with the help of a trainer, some more aerobic exercises can also be done.

Q3. What kind of rope should be used for jumping rope?

Ans: There is a separate rope for jumping rope in the market. Remember that your rope should be length wise. Stand up straight in the middle of the rope and place the handles of the rope by your side.

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