Best Chat Corners In Kanpur

Best Chat Corners In Kanpur: Hot potato tikkis that came out from the pan, boiled white peas, red chilies, onions, curd, papdi, sweet and spicy chutney… Something like this is the delicious spicy chaat of Kanpur city. Chaat means ‘to taste’. Such a taste that once it gets on the tongue, then just do not take the name of descending. The people of Kanpur have a great passion for food and drink. Especially when it comes to eating Golgappa (which is called Batase in Kanpur) and Chaat, as if there is no control over the tongue.

Best Chat Corners In Kanpur

Chaat mainly consists of Aloo Tikki, Golgappa (Batache), Papdi, Bhalle, Sev Puri, Coriander Potato, Dal Ladoo, Raj Kachori, Lachha Basket, Fried Potato etc. Many such chatori lanes will be found in Kanpur, which can completely stand up to anyone’s test. This is the reason that no one who has gone out of Kanpur is able to compromise in the matter of eating Kanpuria elsewhere. Chaat is the famous street food here. In every other area you will find not one or two but many small and big chaat shops. But when it comes to taste, the best is always needed. That’s why we have brought for you some of the best chaat corners in Kanpur, where you can enjoy chaat and batase to the fullest.

S.D Chaat and Fast Food Corner

Best Chat Corners In KanpurKanpur’s Naveen Market ‘S.D. Chaat and Fast Food Corner is incomplete without eating Chaat and Batase. There would be hardly any person who went shopping in Naveen Market who does not stay here and taste the chaat. This shop is never empty from the opening of the market in the morning till the closing of the night market. It started with only a small handcart, then its name was only ‘S.D. It was chaat. But because of its spicy taste and the love of Kanpur people, today a small handcart is serving as a big restaurant ‘S.D. Chaat and Fast Food Corner. If you are coming from the parade side then you will get this chaat corner at the very beginning of the market.

Address: Shop No- 57, Naveen Market, Near Parade Chauraha, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

The Chaat Shop

‘The Chaat’ corner is built in the middle of Swaroop Nagar Market in Kanpur. This is one of the famous chaat corners of the city. Here you will find many varieties of chaat, such as Tikki, Matar Papdi, Trikoni Papdi, Gol Papdi, Coriander Aloo, Mix Chaat, Dahi Gujiya etc. But the most liked is the basket chaat here. Actually, Basket Chaat is not served in a plate or plastic bowl but in a basket made of potato flakes. It is also very crunchy to eat. That is, along with chaat, you can enjoy its basket to the fullest. Available in just Rs.75, this basket chaat is so heavy that you hardly have room for anything else in your stomach after eating it whole. So if you are planning to go to ‘The Chaat’, then definitely try the taste of Basket Chaat.

Address: 113/167, Mata Swaroop Rani Road, Chaat Chauraha, Khalasi Line, Swaroop Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Hanuman Chaat Bhandar

Kakadev area is also known as the coaching market of Kanpur. Every year thousands of students from Kanpur and surrounding cities come here with the dream of their successful career. This is the reason that there is no shortage of hostels as well as food and drink shops. One of these is ‘Hanuman Chaat Bhandar’. From Golgappas to Chaat and Dahi Bhalle, Kakadev is famous all over Kanpur. Often there is a crowd of students here in the evening. Even in ‘Zomato’ you will easily find the name of ‘Hanuman Chaat Bhandar’. So next time you visit Kakadev, then definitely taste this chaat corner.

Address: Model Town, Kakadev, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Brijwasi Chat Darbar

Brijwasi Sweets is a big name of Kanpur. The name of his chaat shop is ‘Brijwasi Chaat Darbar’. Every day in the evening there is a crowd of people. Some people stay there and enjoy Batase and Chaat, while some people pack their chaat for the whole family and take them home. The taste of chaat here is famous all over the city of Kanpur. The size of their golgappa is so big that it is not known to go inside the whole mouth at once. Perhaps this is their specialty, due to which people are drawn towards this chaat corner. If you have not yet tasted the chaat here, then believe me, you have missed a tasty chaat while staying in Kanpur.

Address: Ram Krishna Nagar, Jawahar Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh


Best Chat Corners In Kanpur

Although the shop of ‘Bansiwala’ is famous for their delicious sweets, but the chaat here also has its own unique style. Here one does not fill water in the bucket by putting his hand inside the tank, but by wearing gloves in his hand, water is filled in the golgappas from a small tank with a tap. People who like cleanliness a lot, they might like this method of theirs too.

Address: Shop No. 29, Parvati Bungalow Road, Raina Market, Company Bagh, Khalasi Line, Tilak Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Yadav Chaat Bhandar

There is no dearth of chaat corners in the south of Kanpur city Kidwai Nagar. One of these is ‘Yadav Chaat Bhandar’. Although the name of his shop is ‘Yadav Sweet House’, he has also maintained his own chaat store outside the shop. Perhaps they know very well that even if the people of Kanpur who are fond of spicy taste come to take sweets, they will not be able to return without tasting the chaat. This is the reason that day or night, the crowd at their chaat corner never diminishes. Everyone keeps their gaze just waiting for their turn and believe me no one goes back home disappointed by the taste of this place. (Best Chat Corners In Kanpur)

Address: Kidwai Nagar Road, Site No.1, Kidwai Nagar, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

EM Chaat Cafe

Best Chat Corners In Kanpur

You must have heard a lot of cafes but have you ever heard of any chaat cafe? This is also possible in Kanpur’s Mall Road. For the lovers of chaat, the entire chaat cafe has been opened here. Whether to hang out with friends or spend time with family, this restaurant will prove to be the perfect place for you. Here golgappas are not fed standing, but packed in plastic and served on plates. Chutney and water are also served separately in glasses. Your mouth will be watering just after seeing the curdled dishes here. Apart from curd and chutney on the golgappas, the taste is doubled by adding murmura (called Laiya in Kanpur language), dalmoth (salty) and pomegranate seeds. Next time you come to this side, then definitely enjoy the spicy chaat here. (Best Chat Corners In Kanpur)

Address: 128, The Mall Road, Heer Palace, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh

Ram Swaroop Chaat Kanpur

There are many forms of chaat, such as aloo tikki, papdi, bhalle, sev puri etc. One of these is coriander potato. The people of Kanpur love the taste of coriander and potato in chaat. This is especially available in Kanpur only. Although it is so easy to make that it can be easily made at home too, but coming to ‘Ram Swaroop Chaat Wala’ of Birhana Road and eating it is something else. In the evening, the beauty of this chaat corner is worth seeing. Taste lovers are automatically drawn here by the aroma of coriander potatoes. If you have not yet tasted the famous coriander aloo chaat here, then definitely come here once.

Address: Birhana Road, Kanpur

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Shivala Market

Kanpur’s Shivala Market is famous for wedding lehengas, saris and beautiful gota-patti. But there is also a street here, which makes it even more famous among the Kanpuris and that is the street of Golgappa. In the very middle of the market, in the narrow lane, 3-4 shops of chaat and batash have been built together. One of the best in all tastes. If you are tired of shopping and are hungry, then this street leaves no stone unturned to welcome you. Once you come to this street, you will definitely be compelled to think which shop to go to and enjoy chaat and batash. So don’t think too much and get in line at the shop where you see more crowd. Because where there is taste, there is also a crowd of food lovers.

Address: Opposite Z Square, Shivala Market, Kanpur

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