Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Alia Bhatt recently announced her pregnancy through social media in a very interesting way. Since then, she has remained in the headlines continuously. Before Alia, many other celebrities have also broken their pregnancy announcement in unique ways. In this age of social media, everyone wants to announce about their marriage to pregnancy in unique ways. This is the reason why in this article we have come up with special ways to give you pregnancy news (Best Pregnancy Announcement Ideas).

Unique Ways to Share Pregnancy Announcement

Below are some unique and fun ways of pregnancy announcement (Pregnancy announcement ideas), which are as follows:

1. Photograph of Parents Looking at Sonography

Best Pregnancy Announcements Ideas

First of all let us discuss about Alia’s special way of giving pregnancy news. Alia shared a picture of herself and Ranbir’s baby sonography for her pregnancy announcement. You can also recreate this pregnancy announcement scene of Alia.

2. Pregnancy Announcement: Photoshoot with Ultrasound Report

If mom to be and dead two also want, you can click and share the picture along with the printed report of the ultrasound. Or you can click the photo with the message board with the baby clothes or shoes with the report.

3. Balloon in the hand of the first child and the message written on it

This is how Mira Kapoor announced about her second pregnancy. He shared a picture of his daughter Misha on Instagram. In this, Misha had balloons in her hand which had the tag of ‘Big Sister’. This is also a unique way of pregnancy announcement.

4. Interesting Caption Like Virat Kohli

You can also take ideas from Virat Kohli’s pregnancy announcement. Virat grabbed everyone’s attention by writing an interesting caption about his pregnancy. Virat had written- ‘We are going to be two to three and he is going to come in January.’ You can also announce the arrival of your baby like this.

5. Pregnancy Announcement Card

You can have an illustration artist make a fancy card or video to share the pregnancy news. In this, you can get a picture of your husband with your baby bump. With this, you can add beautiful messages for the child who comes. If you want, you can add a “boy or girl” message with the child’s photo.

6. Photoshoot

Right now most of the women do maternity photoshoot to make the special moments of pregnancy memorable forever. In this, you can click some such photos, by sharing which you can announce pregnancy with others. Like both of you have a black board in your hand on which is written Coming soon and 75% loading.

7. Photoshoot on the Beach

If both of you have gone to the beach to spend quality time, then you can capture a beautiful picture here for the pregnancy announcement. For this, make a heart out of sand near the sea and write Mom and Dead outside it. Get both of you clicked a nice picture by writing baby inside the heart.

7. Post a Photo Reading a Pregnancy Book

You can do a photoshoot on the sofa while reading a pregnancy related book. This can also be a good way to announce pregnancy with relatives and friends.

8. Baby Shoes

Get a photoshoot done with baby shoes. Like click the picture of your and partner’s feet. Wear shoes of the same color in it. Click the photo by placing bean colored baby shoes in the middle. This will also give your loved ones an idea of ​​the good news of the upcoming baby.

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So these were some unique ways through which you can announce your pregnancy. Hope you like these unique ways of delivering pregnancy news that we have shared. So, what are you thinking, apply on your favorite idea (Pregnancy announcement ideas) today and share good news with friends.

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