Top 5 Places to have Best Skydiving Experience in India

When you think of adventure sports, you probably think of paragliding, skiing or scuba diving. But some people are afraid to take a different step in an adventure like skydiving. But if it’s on your bucket-list, then we’ve got some really cool information for you. For this you do not need to go to Spain or any other country because there are many places in India where you can do Skydiving (Best). So without any delay, let us tell you about 5 such places where you can do this air adventure activity.

Top 5 Places to have Best Skydiving Experience in India

Top 5 Places to have Best Skydiving Experience in India


There is a skydiving base near Chamundi Hills in Karnataka. Here you can do tandem jump, which takes 3 hours. Apart from this, they also have an accelerated freefall experience, for which you should have more time. It takes at least 5 to 7 days and gives a chance to jump 10 times. You must do this experience when you are in Mysore. However, first you have to do ground practice for a day and then you can do a parachute jump for the first time. After this training, you can do solo jump from a height of 4,000 feet.


When you are in Madhya Pradesh, you can try a tandem jump in Dhana and during this time an instructor guides you on the plane before the jump. When you are strapped on, this is a safe option for first-timers. With the help of the joining strap, one person is hovering with the other. Many tourists go to skydiving camps in Dhana and you don’t need ground training for tandem jump.


Bachhod Airstrip is located in Narnaul, Haryana, where the Skydiving Experience is offered by the Government of Haryana. Here people from Delhi and adjoining parts go for the skydiving experience. The static line jump here is a safe option if you don’t want to dive without an instructor. They let you jump solo and have a cord attached to the airplane that mechanically opens your parachute. This is a safe option for the first time tryer and parachutist.


If you are in Gujarat then you must do air adventure here in Lake City. The best part of this is that here you get a chance to do 3 types of jumps like static line jump, tandem and AFF. The Sports Authority of Gujarat and the Indian Parachute Federation organize camps in this area for many skydiving enthusiasts. After seeing the skinny landscape here, you will enjoy jumping here even more.


If you live in Tamil Nadu, you might be planning to visit Pondicherry and try air-activity here. The spectacular landscape here will make your skydiving experience even better and you can also enjoy in the camp area. Here you get a chance to try many types of jumps and you can wear it by wearing comfortable clothes and sports shoes.

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