Which Is Better Arranged Marriage or Love Marriage

Which Is Better Arranged Marriage Or Love Marriage

On hearing the name of arranged marriage, a lot of frills and rituals come to mind and this thought starts disturbing that how suddenly we can spend our whole life with some completely unknown person. But despite all the fear and doubt, arranged marriage is becoming the first choice of the youth of our country. Is it because today’s young generation feels more relaxed and satisfied in it or is there something else! Well, and the parents of our parents have been relying on arranged marriages since ages. So why can you pay attention to the marriage proposals being told by grandmother-aunt-aunt, aunt and other relatives.

What Is Arrange Marriage?

Having an arranged marriage does not mean that you are of the old fashioned mind. Before knowing about arranged marriage, it is very important to know that what is marriage? So let us tell you that marriage would have meant that you would get a life partner who would stay with you for the rest of your life, be a companion of your sorrows and happiness and keep you seated on your eyelids.

You can plan your future with him. And you can get all these things only when a Mr. or Miss Perfect becomes your life partner. But just having a better life partner doesn’t work. Because marriage is not just between two human beings, but between two families.

Arrange marriage means marriage by mutual consent. In which, the consent of the bride and groom, the society and the family members of both the parties is involved. In this marriage, the parents find a boy for the girl and a girl for the boy, who is of their religion, caste and whose behavior, upbringing, lifestyle, economic condition, thinking, culture is similar to theirs.

Actually, it has the advantage that it reduces the possibility of any kind of social inequality and due to the similarity in the culture of the family, it is easier to harmonize and that is why such marriage is considered socially appropriate.

Coherent marriage has also been given a special place in Indian history. In earlier times it was called Swayamvar. Where according to the wishes of the girl, a competition was held between the boys willing to marry, whoever was victorious in it, the suitable groom was made. Shri Ram and Sita were married under this tradition.

After this, gradually changes came in the society and the customs of marriage also changed. Now after matching the horoscope, the family members of the boy and the girl decide the relationship with mutual consent and the last and most important decision goes to the future bride and groom. If everything goes well then the marriage is confirmed. Which society gives the name of coherent marriage (arranged marriage).

Which Is Better Arranged Marriage Or Love Marriage

Whether to get married or not, of course, can be a personal matter, but whether it will be a love marriage or an arranged one, there is always the interference of family, society on this matter. This is the reason that this question must have come in the mind of most of the people whether arranged marriage is more correct or love marriage?

In such a situation, it would not be right to favor any one type of marriage, but still, according to the research and statistics, people are living a happier life in arranged marriage than in love marriage. If seen, every relationship has its own beauty and charm, whether it is love marriage or arranged marriage. Because the strength of relationships increases only through mutual understanding, whether you love your partner before marriage or after marriage, it does not matter.

Benefits of Arranged Marriage – Advantages Of Arranged Marriage

Benefits of Arranged Marriage – Advantages Of Arranged Marriage

Not only our Responsibility

On choosing the option of arranged marriage, the responsibility of strengthening the foundation of the relationship and maintaining it for a lifetime does not just rest on our shoulders. There is full involvement of parents and family in this relationship. In such a situation, all together make its foundation strong. We get to know every little thing about our partner from those people who are associated with us through sweet relationships like mother-in-law- sister-in-law- Devrani- Jethani. Mutual relations are strengthened by this lovely sharing.

Seven Rounds Partnership

We get information about every small and big ritual related to marriage from the family. The members of both the families are ready to shoulder this responsibility. We know the past of our future partner, through family! Everything from his childhood pranks and likes and dislikes. Means seven rounds will be ours, but the whole family bears the responsibility of performing them.

Everybody knows or doesn’t

Here we are talking about the courtship period. Apparently both the families know that there are talks and meetings between the bride and groom but no one asks! Doesn’t stop and doesn’t even stop! That is, its fun to meet secretly and there is no punishment for being caught!

Strong Back Bone

Even though parents have added this relationship, but there are ups and downs in life. In this difficult phase of life, parents and in-laws are firmly ready to solve our problems. That is, you are not alone in any of your difficulties.

Agreements don’t seem like a Burden

There is no doubt that our expectations are more in love marriage whereas in arranged marriage we are ready from the very beginning to adopt many changes in lifestyle. Try to adopt each other’s habits. And this behavior increases the depth of love.

Family Marriage

Yes, on arranged marriage, we are not married to one person but to the family because the happiness and sorrow of every family member is ours. The groom-to-be spends time with the bride’s family and the bride tries to understand her new family. After all, in the coming days, worship of any house, satsang and parties will be a shared responsibility of both the families.

Customs will remain the Same

Arrange marriage means moving into a new family with customs like your home. Since this family is the choice of our parents, then obviously the culture of both the families will be the same. Social and cultural functions will be the same. This monotony may prove to be the tonic for our future! Meaning even if our lifestyle is about to change, but at least there will be no tension to learn new customs.

Everything clean and clear

An advantage of arranged marriage for girls is that it is decided in the very early days of marriage negotiations that what will be the future. Means working women are often in this dilemma whether in-laws will have the freedom to do jobs or not. The parents and the future mother-in-law decide on this issue in advance and we are mentally prepared for the routine of our future life.

Wedding will be a Enjoy

Children who do arranged marriage in Indian family are considered very cultured. By agreeing to the arranged marriage of the parents’ ladli, she starts looking even more special. The elder daughter becomes an example for all the younger cousins ​​and the love of the parents starts showering on her. The result is the desired shopping and a lot of surprises. That is, the wedding will be a enjoy!

Careless about the Responsibility of Children

After arranged marriage, the parents of both the boy and the girl are always ready to take care of their grandchildren. In addition, children get a family and cultured atmosphere. If we want to go for our personal work, then the family members happily get ready to take care of the children. Another big advantage, if these things are not in our favor, then we can tell our parents!

Disadvantage Of Arranged Marriage

Like every coin has two sides, every custom has some advantages and some disadvantages too. There are many people who feel more comfortable in doing love marriage than in doing arranged marriage. Because they see many flaws in arranged marriage. Let us know about the side effects of arranged marriage the disadvantages.

1. Some people believe that due to not getting the desired partner in arranged marriage, the matter can reach the divorce quickly.

2. There is less time to understand each other. In such a situation, many times the wrong life partner is found and living life becomes hell.

3. In arranged marriage there is a lack of love between the couple. Due to which fights and fights start in the house every day.

4. Women are exploited a lot and they have to compromise in everything throughout their life.

5. Sometimes people get married only because of dowry. In such a situation, the feeling of respect and respect for the partner does not develop in the mind throughout life.

How Successful Are Arrange Marriages In India

Love marriage is still considered incompatible in India. Marrying in other caste and religion does not make the family happy as much as they live in arranged marriage. Although nowadays most people make love marriage as arranged marriage, but still, if the family is not ready for this relationship, then there is always a sourness in the mind of the family members.

This is the reason that even today people are afraid of doing love marriage here. On the other hand, people who have been deceived in love consider arranged marriage to be more correct. Because in this they all seem happy and agreeable.

A UNICEF research revealed that 90 percent of people in India do arranged marriages and the divorce rate is only 1.1 percent. This fact is enough to tell how successful arranged marriages are in India. Because here most people believe that by doing arranged marriage, not only the partner remains happy, but his entire family and society are also happy and when everyone is happy then such marriage becomes successful.

What Is The Right Age To Get Married

In India, 18-year-old girl and 21-year-old boy have the right to get married legally, but nowadays everyone wants to settle their life before marriage, due to which many times the right age of marriage goes out. And later have to repent.

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There are also physical, emotional and financial reasons behind the age gap between the two for marriage. Apart from this, the signs of aging are seen later in women than in men. That is why it is said that the correct age of marriage should be 28 for boys and 25 for girls. Click here to know more about this.