BGMI Update 2023: BGMI 2.0 Update Features Details and Download

BGMI Update 2023 – Good news for all BGMI lovers because Crafton (BGMI parent company of PUBG Mobile) has finally announced a major update after

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BGMI Update: BGMI 2.0 Update Features Details and Download

BGMI Update 2023 – Good news for all BGMI lovers because Crafton (BGMI parent company of PUBG Mobile) has finally announced a major update after 2 months. With this BGMI 2.0 update, it is clear that Crafton is about to add some new features that fans are excited about. It is expected that there will be significant changes in Maps, Firearms etc.

BGMI Update 2023

BGMI Update has brought great news for the player’s. In which you will get to see many new things. Due to this update, fans of BGMI are getting a lot of enthusiasm. All the BGMI fans are eager to see what new things will be seen in this update (BGMI Update). Let us tell you that this new update is available on Google Play Store.

In today’s article, you will get to see the following details related to BGMI 2.0 update.

  • BGMI 2.0 Update Release Date 2023
  • BGMI 2.0 New features & Major changes
  • BGMI 2.0 download APK and OBB link
Post Name: BGMI 2.0.0 Release Date, New features & download link
File Size: 1 GB +(iOS), 500MB – 700 MB (Android)
Download Status: Available
Release Date: 13 May 2023
Download Sources: Scroll down to get the source

Just a few days after releasing its massive update (BGMI Update), Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is finally getting another update. This time it’s with Crafton and Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime series that has been loved by many around the world for years and will add some new features to explore.

BGMI 2.0 Update Release Date

New Update, version 2.0 from Crafton is available and can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. As always we’ll let you know when it arrives on your device (BGMI Update), but until then make sure to connect via WIFI if possible as this is the expected time frame for it to arrive:

Update Date Time
BGMI 2.0 Update Release Date May 13, 2023 12 PM – 8 PM
M10 Royale Pass Release Date April 20, 2023 07:30 AM
M10 Royale Pass End May 18, 2023 05:30 AM
BGMI 2.0 Update for Android users May 13, 2023 1:00 PM – 9:00 PM
BGMI 2.0 Update for iOS users May 13, 2023 04:00 PM

Crafton requests that players have a WIFI connection so they can download updates without spending their limited quota on mobile data. The developers also make sure to notify you when this happens.

What’s New in The New BGMI 2.0 Update?

Below are some of the things that you will get to see in the new BGMI 2.0 update.

  • Evening Collaboration
  • Metro Royale: Reunion
  • Airdrop Marker
  • Classic Map Improvements
  • Interactive Haptics System
  • Firearm Adjustments
  • Official Livik Map
  • New Vehicles
  • Supply Shop
  • New Gameplay Modes Recall Towers
  • Social: Cheer Park, Golden Share Crate
  • New Weapons
  • Random Advanced Supply Zones
  • Various Mini Games
  • Friends

BGMI 2.0 Update Features Details

The official Livik Map allows players to experience new battles. The Livik Map will get major upgrades including new weapons, new utility task vehicles, recall towers, supply shops, and more. With new themes, an all-terrain UTV, and a variety of weapons, players will need to manage their own strategies and tactics as they tackle the difficult terrain.

New supply zones have been introduced that allow players to sort through different types of crates and stock up on supplies to keep them going until the end.

They will use the brand new zipline to move between locations and access special supplies. Players can also navigate the treasure map to find more supplies. You will get to see some upgrades and modifications in weapons like the S12K and S1897.

Core Circle Mode

The core circle mode is inspired by the Japanese animation EVANGELION. Players can receive new skins, progress-related bonuses, and rewards (BGMI Update). Erangel and Livik now have a new mod. Erangel has an exciting battle with the 6th Ange of EVANGELION. In-game discovery events allow players to access themes and grant additional progress bonuses. You can see that some rocket items are colliding with the diamond shaped object. Then the object is divided into several parts.

Classic Mode

Miramar’s emergency pickup feature will allow players to call for an instant pickup. If they lose it will put them back on their playing field. Players can also use Revival Tower to bring back fallen comrades.

The update also includes improved haptic feedback (BGMI Update), sponsorship match feature support, as well as improvements to controls such as the like button for spectator mode, which allows for immersive gameplay.

Classic Crate Coupons and Royal pass

Upgrading to BGMI 2.0.0 will get you 2 Classic Crate Coupons. With the BGMI 2.0.0 update. Additionally, the new BGMI 2.0 update will introduce Cycle 2 Season 6 and Month 11 Royal Passes.

Defensive Fortress

One machine in Georgopool can deal heavy damage (BGMI Update). To avoid this, you have the option of taking refuge in one of the defensive fortress buildings. It can be found at various places.

Hide events

It can be confusing for the user to know which event has completed and which is left. With this update, you will be able to hide the events completed in the latest update of BGMI 2.0.

Royale Arena

In the last BGMI 1.9 update (BGMI Update), they introduced a new mode called Royale Arena. It was available on 2 maps Erangel and Livik. Sanhok has also been added in the latest update.

RP Notifier

This feature was in high demand and players wanted to know how much RP they had left during the match. It can be difficult to remember all the unfinished missions. This feature makes it easy to keep track of all the remaining missions.


Normally, we fly by plane to the island of spawn (BGMI Update), but this update introduces a helicopter. This will allow you to carry your squad and you can even grab skins at some events. The spawn island also has a helipad.

PUBG Mobile Month 9 Tier Wise Rewards

  • Bronze Tier reward: 10 Silver fragments
  • Silver Tier reward: Free c2s5 Mask
  • Gold Tier Reward: Outfit C2S5 Set
  • Platinum Tier Reward: C2S5 Cover
  • Diamond Tier Reward: C2S5- DBS Shotgun skin
  • Crown Tier Reward: 3 Tier Protection card
  • Ace Tier Reward: C1S5 Ace parachute
  • Ace Master Tier Reward: Classic Create coupon scrap Ace
  • Dominator Tier Reward: C2S5 Ace dominator avatar
  • Conqueror Tier Reward: C2S5 Conqueror Avatar Frame

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Q1. What is the new BGMI Update 2.0?

Ans: BGMI has brought an upgraded version of BGMI 2.19.19. Here you will find many interesting features. You can read our article to know what those features are.

Q2. Is BGMI 2.0 available in India?

Ans: Yes, BGMI 2.0 is fully available in India. You do not need a VPN to download BGMI 2.0 version.

Q3. Which is the best source for BGMI 2.0 download links?

Ans: The best source of BGMI 2.0 download links is the official website itself. You are safe while downloading BGMI 2.0 from play store and app store. There is always some kind of risk involved with APK files. Some sources may provide you with harmful APKs which may pose a threat to your device.


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