Breastfeeding Secrets Every New Mother Should know

Breastfeeding Secrets Every New Mother Should know

If you are a new mother or are about to become a mother, then it is very important for you to know about breastfeeding. Because it is an essential step towards a healthy start to your baby’s life. Breastfeeding is the foundation of a healthy life for your baby. God has created breastfeeding to make motherhood a natural experience. Breastfeeding in all its aspects is extremely important for both mother and child. Despite this, there is a lot of misinformation spreading about this, which is very important to know about. Here we are telling you many such things related to breastfeeding, which usually few people know.

No Substitute for Breast Milk

Did you know that the World Health Organization recommends that newborns should be breastfed for at least 6 months? Yes, only breast milk. nothing more. This is specifically called breastfeeding or breastfeeding.

The World Health Organization recommends that breastfeeding, along with complementary foods, be continued until at least 2 years of age for the child’s good health. This is the reason why all the global organizations are so serious about this. Your breast milk contains all the basic nutrition a baby needs and is packed with antibodies, which provide health benefits to the baby for a lifetime.

Yes, we all know about all the baby formula brands, but no lab-made baby food formula can match the natural milk produced by the mother’s body. And it is also more easily digested than baby formulas.

Benefits of Breastfeeding for Both the Baby and the Mother

– Breast milk helps the baby fight off viruses and bacteria.

– Breastfeeding also reduces the risk of asthma and allergies in babies.

– Along with this, babies who are breastfed for the first 6 months without any formula are less prone to ear infections, respiratory or gastrointestinal diseases and diarrhoea.

– Nothing else can develop the same immunity as breast milk.

– Breastfeeding means that the risk of breast and ovarian cancer in women is reduced by breastfeeding.

– Breastfeeding has psychological benefits especially for women, as through it they become more confident and emotionally attached to the child.

Top Breastfeeding Tips

1. Breastfeeding the baby must be done within an hour of delivery. At this time colostrum or the first milk is produced in your breast. It is actually ‘liquid gold’, think of it as a pack full of more nutrition in less quantity. This is enough food for a newborn, because his stomach is also small.

2. To increase the supply of milk to the baby, the baby should be fed several times. The rule behind this is simple, that is, the less milk you feed to the baby, the less milk is produced in your body. Make sure you take a good diet and get enough rest. You’ll need both, as your body converts your calories into milk.

3. Make sure your baby’s mouth is closed while feeding. In her mouth, the darker part of your breast should remain as much as possible. The baby draws milk through the milk tubes and milk comes out from that part. If your baby is just sucking then you will be in trouble and you will be in pain. Also the baby will fail to suck enough milk.

4. Do not rush to feed from the other breast. Leave it to your baby to drink all the milk from the first breast and then feed from the second breast. Many babies drink a little milk from both breasts. Do not be stubborn with the child and do not be afraid either.

Breast Feeding Pump

Nowadays, the use of a breastfeeding pump has become very important for breastfeeding. If for some reason you are not able to breastfeed the baby directly, then this pump can be used to feed the baby even in your absence. It can also be caused by problems in getting milk from the breast, the baby being unable to try, swelling or enlargement of the breasts, or weakness or pain in the nipples. It may be needed even if you are away from your baby for some reason during breastfeeding. A breast pump is very effective in cases where you can expel milk without pain and ease and can be stored and fed later. Make sure to choose a pump for yourself that is designed to make feeding your baby comfortable.

Right of the Child

Breastfeeding is the right of your child and it is the responsibility of the whole family to maintain it for a long time. Often women stop breastfeeding due to lack of adequate information or lack of supportive system, which adversely affects the health of the child. There are many types of help available for breastfeeding these days. Check with the doctor about this and definitely give the right of breastfeeding to the child.