What is Burpees Exercise, Health Benefits of Burpee Exercise

What is Burpees Exercise, Health Benefits of Burpee Exercise

Burpees Exercise: Exercise is the best way to stay fit. Due to this, the body remains fit, remains active, confidence looks good. There are different exercises for different parts of the body. Along with exercise, it is also necessary to change the eating habits. Similarly, it is necessary to exercise for every body part.

You can also do burpee exercises. Yes, your whole body gets excised by this. By doing this exercise, your calories will also burn quickly and muscles will also be built. So let’s know how to do burpee exercise, what are its benefits, what precautions are necessary.

What is Burpees Exercise?

Burpee exercise is a body weight exercise, it burns fat fast as well as increases muscles and can be done comfortably without any machine.

How to do Burpee Exercise

This exercise is done in two parts. Pushups are done in the first part, squats are done in the second part.

First of all, open your legs till shoulder level. After this, bend the knees and sit in the squat position. During this, keep your waist straight.

In this position, keep both hands on the ground and come to the position of pushup. Perform a pushup with the legs open backwards.

Keep the waist straight. Don’t let him bow down.

Jump back to the squat position. Then stand up and put your hands up and jump as high as you can.

After jumping, come back to the starting position squat. And repeat the sequence there.

In the beginning, there will definitely be a problem in coordinating pushups and squads, but with practice, the command will become in a few days.

Benefits of Burpee exercise

By doing burpee exercises, weight loss happens faster. And this also increases the muscles. This is the best exercise in terms of burning calories. Regular practice of this strengthens the heart and lungs.

By doing this continuously, stamina increases. Blood pressure improves. The heartbeat is also fine.

By doing this continuously, the body gets tight and the muscles become strong.

This is a full body exercise. This affects all the muscles of the body. Also strengthens the arms, glutes, hamstrings.


Before doing this in the beginning, definitely consult your gym trainer. Only then do this exercise.

It is very important to have the right position during pushups. Due to which the speed will increase quickly.

When to breathe while exercising. Be very careful about this and definitely discuss it with your gym trainer.

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