Can We Use Hairspray As A Makeup Spray? Know Details

It doesn’t matter how hard we try, but often we keep doing beauty blunders. Be it smudges of eyeliner, chipped nail paint, or a scuffed lip stain, almost everything has a quick fix. Because we girls always try good beauty tips (Can We Use Hairspray As A Makeup Spray) especially those that save us money.

One of the things we’ve heard over the years is that hairspray can also be used as a makeup fixer. This is because it binds the entire makeup together and keeps it in one place and because of this it also helps to keep your makeup in place. So should hairspray really be used to make makeup stay in one place because it does more bad for your skin than it does good. So let’s get started.

If You are Using Hairspray as a Setting Spray, Then there is Bad News for you.

Kind of works but that doesn’t mean you should use it. Lastly, hairspray is formulated for the hair and not the skin. For this reason, you should use a product that is made for the face and leave the hair spray only for your hair.

This beauty tips is very bad for your skin, whether you are spraying it on your face or coming out after spraying or it may accidentally hit your face while spraying on your hair. The chemicals in hairspray can irritate your skin, leaving it rough and red. Not only this, the Chomical present in hairspray dries out your skin and makes you look older and if you spray it too abundantly it can leave you feeling sticky, tight and uncomfortable.

We don’t think the short-term benefit of your makeup on Saturday night outweighs the long-term harm to your skin from hairspray.

How You Can Help your Makeup last longer

Prime the Face

Primer helps hydrate your floss and minimizes the appearance of pores and regulates oil production. For this reason, primer is a very important part of a makeup kit, especially if you plan to click a lot of photos as it tends to absorb the excess oil from your skin and prevent it from separating quickly. It acts as a surface, which is another base product, and it prevents the layers from getting smudged.

Use Damp Beauty Blender

If you want good coverage then you should use a wet beauty blender as it gives you buildable coverage. Drain all the water from your wet sponge and allow the remainder to be absorbed with a dry tissue. After this, apply it in a thin layer on the face for coverage.

Set with Loose Powder

Use setting powder to lock the foundation in place to prevent it from smudging, shifting, and transferring. Second, it absorbs extra oil. For optimum results, you should apply powder puff or sponge in the thick layer on the T-zone and under eye. After this, the extra powder should be removed with the help of a brush.

Setting Spray for Rescue

Setting spray is an essential part of any girl’s makeup kit. Most setting sprays contain polymers and water, which help your makeup stay in place so that your makeup stays in place for a longer period of time. Apply it on the face in an X pattern, then apply it on the T structure so that your makeup is well secured.

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