How to Make Cardamom Essential Oil at Home

Cardamom Essential Oil: Cardamom is used as a spice in many homes in India. Cardamom adds a wonderful aroma and taste to many types of food. However, not only this, cardamom is also used for many other things in Ayurveda and it is very beneficial for health. Cardamom is very beneficial for both your health and skin.

Only a few of you ladies would know that cardamom can be used in beauty routine as well. If you were looking for natural ways to take care of your skin, then cardamom can be a great option for you. Now if you are wondering how to use cardamom for skin care, read on.

You can include cardamom in many types of beauty masks or you can use its oil for the skin. If you want to make Cardamom Essential Oil for Skin at home, read below.

How to Make Cardamom Essential Oil at Home

Well, you will get easy cardamom essential oil in the market, but if you want to make it at home, then all you have to do is follow this method.

– Green cardamom
– Water

Make Oil Like This

  • Put cardamom in a grinder and grind it.
  • Now take cheesecloth and fold it three times. Now place cardamom in the middle of it and tie it and keep it aside.
  • Put water in a big pot and put it on the gas on medium flame.
  • Now place a cardamom cloth inside the water and cook till the water is reduced to half.
  • Now keep the water in the sun by covering it with cheesecloth.
  • Once the water is completely sun-dried you will get your oil. Put this oil in a container and your cardamom essential oil is ready.
  • Keep in mind that you keep the container in a dry place. You can use this homemade oil for at least 8 months.

Benefits of Using Cardamom Oil

Anti Aging

We all want beautiful and youthful skin. In such a situation, you can stop using anti-aging cream and use cardamom oil. Cardamom helps renew your skin cells and helps reduce signs of aging such as wrinkles, fine lines and pigmentation.

Help to Close Open Pores

Open skin pores is a common problem that many of us women face. Because of this, our skin starts feeling dull. In this case, using cardamom essential oil evens your skin tone and shrinks the pores, which makes your face appear more fresh.

Protect from the Harmful rays of the Sun

Due to prolonged exposure to harmful rays of the sun and pollution, our skin becomes dull. In such a situation, applying cardamom oil maintains the elasticity of the skin and also protects it from the harmful rays of the sun.

Cleanse the Skin

Cardamom essential oil also acts as a natural antiseptic. It disinfects and cleanses your skin. Along with this, it also prevents the problem of pimples or acne. You can use it along with your normal cleanser to clean your skin. For this, you have to put a few drops of oil in your cleanser and after applying, wash your face with warm water. Join Telegram Channel

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