How to Take Care of Glass Bangles Tips

How to Take Care of Glass Bangles Tips

Everything related to marriage, memories are special for all women. That’s why women take great care of wedding saris, bangles, jewelry and even photos. Glass bangles are of great importance for married women. Especially in Hindu customs, because women’s makeup is considered incomplete without glass bangles. Glass bangles are very delicate and need to be handled properly. However, these bangles are more prone to breakage. That’s why they need extra care. Let us tell you that if one of the set of glass bangles breaks or gets damaged, then the whole set gets spoiled. In such a situation, it becomes very important to take proper care of glass bangles.

How to Take Care of Glass Bangles Tips

Nowadays, the trend of wearing glass bangles has reduced because people are not able to take care of it properly or store it properly. Many women wear glass bangles on Teej-festivals or on any special occasion. If you are fond of wearing glass bangles and have a good collection of designer and expensive wedding bangles, then you can store them properly and last for years. That is why today here we are going to tell you some easy tips on how to take care of wedding glass bangles, by following which you can keep them new for years. So let’s know how to take care of glass bangles.

How to Take Care of Glass Bangles Tips

Wrap in Tissue Paper

Usually every woman wears glass bangles wrapped in newspaper. However, these bangles should be wrapped properly with tissue paper before wrapping them in paper. Since the tissue paper is a bit soft, the shine on the bangles does not diminish. For this, first wrap the bangle in tissue paper and apply newspaper on it. So that your glass bangles do not get tangled from their place.

keep in Air Tight Box

By now, you must have seen most of the women using airtight containers only to store the food. However, using this box the design remains the same as that of the glass bangles. The special thing is that it does not lose its luster year after year. If your bangle is designer or worked, then keep it in an air tight box. Because, often when designer bangles come in contact with air, it turns black.

In Cotton Cloth

If you have designer glass bangles, then beads, pearls, kundan, stone or thread work will be done in it. Wrap such shiny glass bangles in a cotton cloth. Then put it in a zip bag. Due to this the bangles remain as they are.

Put in Butter Paper

If you do not have an air tight container, you can also wrap it in glass bangles or chuda butter paper. Wrap the bun in butter paper and keep it in a plastic container. The quality of bangles remains intact for a long time. is your ultimate lifestyle destination and personal guide invites you to take a tour of exclusive information on Beauty, Health, Fashion, Relationships, Celebrities, Travel, Food, Parenting and more. Contact Email: