Causes of Postpartum Hair loss

Causes of Postpartum Hair loss

The problem of hair fall is very common in women after delivery. By the way, changes in hormonal levels and lack of nutrients are considered to be the main reason behind this. But after the birth of the baby, extra care of the hair is needed. In such a situation, due to not taking proper care of the hair, there can be a problem of postpartum hair loss (Causes).

Causes Of Postpartum Hair Loss

After delivery, there is a change in the level of estrogen and progesterone hormones in the woman’s body. Due to this there is a hormonal imbalance and there is a problem of hair loss. Apart from this, the lack of nutrients in a woman’s body after giving birth to a child is also one of the main reasons.

Common Hair Care Mistakes by New Moms

After the birth of the baby, a woman needs to take special care of her hair. In such a situation, even a little carelessness towards the hair by new moms can increase the problem of hair fall. Below are some of the minor hair care mistakes that most new moms ignore.

1. Not using the right shampoo

Avoid using chemical-laden shampoos after delivery when your hair is already in a very delicate condition. Instead, use a natural and mild shampoo. Doctors recommend new moms to apply volumizing shampoo or anti hairfall shampoo. In such a situation, choose the best shampoo according to your hair type. If you want, you can also consult a hair specialist for this.

2. Bad Diet

As you have learned above in the article that after delivery, there is a lack of nutrients in the body of the woman. In such a situation, they need to take a healthy and balanced diet. According to experts, for good hair, new moms should include things rich in protein and iron in their diet.

Quinoa, lentils, nuts, chickpeas, etc. can be included as proteins. Eat spinach, almonds, walnuts and beetroot for iron.

3. Not washing hair on time

Many women avoid hair wash due to postpartum hair loss. They feel that it breaks their hair more. If you also believe the same, then you are wrong. This problem can take a more serious form if the scalp is not cleaned on time. Always keep the scalp clean. Also apply hair mask once in 15 days.

4. Not Taking Supplements

After delivery, doctors prescribe vitamin and mineral supplements to the woman to fulfill her nutritional needs. Some women do not take them on time. Don’t make such mistake. Nutrients play an important role in keeping hair healthy. Hence, always take your supplements on time and complete its course. Never stop taking supplements on your own.

5. Tie the hair tight

Many women have a habit of tying their hair tight. But, you have to understand that at the moment your hair is in a weak state. Right now they need special care. Therefore, avoid using tight rubber for hair and making hairstyles.

6. Using a Hard Comb

Your hair is very weak right now after delivery. Therefore, keep a distance from the hard comb to make hair. This can lead to more hair fall. For good hair care, it would be better to use a good quality soft brush or a large-toothed comb with light hands to make them.

7. Stress

Some women get stressed after seeing hair fall every day. This will increase your problem, not reduce it. In such a situation, instead of taking stress, take good care of the hair. Eat a healthy diet and use the right shampoo. Apart from this, take the help of meditation to keep yourself stress free.

8. Use of heating equipment

Hair needs special care for the first 6 months after delivery. Avoid using heating devices to create the hairstyle during this time. This can also add to your problems. The simpler you keep your hair for a few months, the better.

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So these were some small things, by taking care of which the problem of postpartum hair loss can be controlled to some extent. If someone near you is struggling with this problem, then definitely share this article with them.