Causes of Thumb Sucking in Kids

Causes of Thumb Sucking in Kids

When a child is born, it brings with it certain habits. One of these is thumb drinking. You must have often seen children sucking their thumb. This habit comes naturally in children. In some children, thumb sucking is considered a sign of hunger, while some children drink it to feel comfortable. Today we will give you detailed information about this habit of children. Learn in the article the causes of thumb drinking in children and the ways to overcome it.

Thumb Sucking, Good or Bad for Baby

When a child is young, the habit of thumb sucking is considered very normal and healthy. Children usually stop thumb drinking by the age of 2 to 4. However, in some children, thumb sucking can have a bad effect on the teeth and jaw.

Therefore, as soon as children give up this habit, there is no obstruction in the texture of their teeth and gums. When it is time for the child to have solid teeth and still the child drinks the thumb, then it is more likely to cause crooked teeth. Therefore, if the child has a habit of thumb drinking, then parents have to control this habit in time.

Why do Children Suck their Thumb

The reason behind the habit of thumb sucking in every child can be different. Sharing information related to this below.

  • Some children feel happy and safe from thumb drinking.
  • When the child is very tired, the thumb can also drink to rest.
  • To calm themselves and sleep well, many children also have a habit of thumb sucking.
  • Some babies start thumb sucking when they are hungry.
  • Some children like to drink thumb to stave off boredom and engage their mind.
  • The causes of thumb sucking in children include stress and anxiety.

Problems Caused by Thumb Sucking in Kids

As you learned above in the article that thumb sucking is normal in children. But if it is not stopped in time, it can have some side effects. Below are the information related to this.

  • The habit of thumb drinking by children can damage the texture of their teeth. Like crooked teeth and teeth sinking inwards etc. At the same time, sometimes the teeth can slip out of their place.
  • Due to the habit of thumb sucking, sometimes the bones of the hands of children can be affected. A research shows that drinking too much thumb increases the chances of bone growth and bone dislocation.
  • Sometimes a child’s thumb drinking habit can lead to paronychia infection. This infection occurs in the root of the nails.
  • Many research shows that if a child does not stop sucking the thumb by the age of 4, it can lead to trouble speaking clearly. Some children may have a problem with weighing.

Remedies to Remove Thumb Sucking habit in Children

If your child is a thumb drinker, you can get rid of this habit by following steps:

  • If the child is still small, put gloves on his hand. This will gradually remove the habit of thumb drinking in the child.
  • This home remedy can be adopted to get rid of this habit in young children. Put some bitter thing on their thumb. Wear something that is not harmful to their health. Due to this, whenever the child takes the thumb in the mouth, then his mouth test will be spoiled. Gradually he himself will stop drinking the thumb.
  • Whenever small children are thumb sucking, distract them by giving them a toy in their hand.
  • If the child is old enough to understand you, then explain to them the harm of thumb sucking.
  • If your child thumb drinks when he is hungry. So keep feeding your baby something or the other every once in a while. Never leave a child hungry for a long time.
  • Try to know the reason behind the thumb drinking of the child. Some children have this habit due to stress. In such a situation, try to understand and overcome their problems.

After reading this article you must have understood that thumbs sucking in young children is not a matter of concern. Provided that this habit of theirs is controlled in time. Therefore, your child also has a thumb drink, so keep in mind that this habit should go away before he gets solid teeth. If this habit of the child is not going away even after trying the remedies given in the article, then it is better to consult a pediatrician regarding this.

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