How to Clean Copper and Brass Utensils Home Tricks

How to Clean Copper and Brass Utensils Home Tricks

We have 12 months of Teej-festivals going on in India. As a result, women have to work hard to shine brass utensils, idols, lamps, copper flour utensils in the house. The question of how to shine brass and copper idols and utensils in a short time and in an easy way must be arising in everyone’s mind. Many people use chemical solutions to clean them, but let us tell you that by doing this the copper and brass items start to wear out and also harm your hands. But there are some such home methods, with the help of which you can easily brighten these utensils. know How to Clean Copper and Brass Utensils.

How to Clean Copper and Brass Utensils Home Tricks

Brass and copper idols and utensils often turn black during the monsoon season. Clean them many times but the blackness does not go away. But no need to freak out because here we bring you such super-duper amazing home tricks, with the help of which you can brighten copper and brass utensils in 5 minutes. So let’s know how.

How to Clean Copper and Brass Utensils Home Tricks

Lemon and Baking Soda

Lemon and baking soda are the best tricks for polishing copper and brass utensils. For this, make a paste by mixing the juice of half a lemon with one teaspoon of baking soda. Then with the help of a cloth or pumice, apply this paste evenly on the brass utensils and leave it for half an hour. After half an hour wash the brass item with hot water. Then see how even the blackened brass utensils will start shining like new.

Flour, Salt and Vinegar Paste

A mixture of 3 ingredients like flour, salt and vinegar can be useful for polishing a discolored copper vessel or black brass idol. Make a paste by mixing these 3 ingredients and apply it on the black brass idol. Wash off with warm water after an hour. Vinegar will completely deep clean the idols.

Tomato Catchup

Tomato contains acid, which is used to remove stains and blackness on brass and copper utensils. For this, you leave the tomato ketchup paste on the brass vessel for some time. Then wash them with water and see how they will sparkle like gold.

Brighten with Toothpaste

If brass and copper utensils or idols have turned black, then they can be cleaned with a brush by applying toothpaste and shine again. For this, clean the utensils by applying a paste with a toothbrush with warm water and wash them with hot water only. You can use this trick once a week.

Tips for washing brass and copper utensils for daily use

To clean the brass and copper utensils of worship daily, take a separate scotch barite and rub the utensils by applying detergent powder in it. You just have to rub it dry. When the utensils get shine, wash it with water.