How to Clean Up Broken Glass Safely Tips

Almost every home has glassware that can break at any time. If the glass is colored, it is a bit easier to clean than transparent glass, as its fragments are easily visible, but if the glass is transparent, white, then it becomes a bit difficult to clean. If the pieces of glass are large, they can be easily picked up and thrown out, but if they are small then it becomes very difficult to lift them from the floor or carpet. know How to Clean Up Broken Glass Safely Tips.

How to Clean Up Broken Glass Safely Tips

After breaking the glass, there is often a fear that its fine pieces may hurt the hands and feet, especially if you have small children or pets in the house. By the way, you do not need to take tension about this at all because here we are telling you some tricks and tips to clean the pieces of broken glass carefully and easily, with the help of which you can easily clean the pieces of broken glass.

Pick up The Big Pieces First

When the glass is broken, many small and big pieces fall. Always pick up the bigger pieces first and place them on a thick paper. After that small pieces arose. For this, you shift the pieces from the broom to the garbage tray. After cleaning the glass with a broom, sweep the broom outside and wash the garbage tray with water.

Wear Gloves and Slippers

Breaking of glass is common, but the pain caused by pricking it cannot be ignored. First of all, protect yourself so that you do not face this situation while cleaning broken glass. For this, wear gloves and slippers in your hands and only then pick up the pieces of glass.

Boiled Potatoes

Potatoes can also be a very effective option for cleaning broken glass. For this you have to take a boiled potato. Divide it into two parts. Clean the place where the glass is broken.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Fine and invisible pieces of glass can be cleaned with the help of a vacuum cleaner, but remember that after cleaning the broken glass, clean the vacuum cleaner thoroughly with a brush or cloth.

Clean with Bread or Flour Dough

Glass crumbs can be cleaned with the help of bread crumbs or flour dough. You can place a piece of bread or a ball of dough where you suspect that it is a piece of glass. By doing this the pieces of glass present there will stick to it and that place will be cleaned.

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