How to Clean Your Nails at Home

How to Clean Your Nails at Home

To enhance the beauty of hands, it is very important to have beautiful nails. Clean nails are as good as they look, they are equally beneficial for health. Many times we grow our nails but we are not able to keep them clean. As a result of which our nails get germs, which go inside the body and harm our health. If this does not happen, it is important that the nails should always be kept clean. Many times we go to the parlor for this and take the help of manicure because in manicure, along with the hands, nails are also cleaned, but now you will not need to go to the parlor to get your nails cleaned because we have brought something for you. Such tips, with the help of which you can make your nails beautiful and attractive at home (How to Clean Your Nails at Home).

How to Clean Your Nails at Home

For this you just have to follow these steps given below.

Step 1- First of all you must have a paper filer, because it works with softness on the nails. Now lightly clean the dirt inside your nails with its help. Do not show haste while cleaning the nails, otherwise the nails may get dirty.

Step 2- Now put your hands in lukewarm water and scrub the nails with the help of tooth brush or nail brush. Keep in mind that you have to clean not only the inside of the nails, but also the outside of them and the cuticles.

Step 3- After this wash the hands thoroughly with soap and dry them with the help of a towel.

Step 4- Now take hot water in a bowl and keep your nails submerged for at least 5 minutes. After that take out the hands and clean them once again.

Step 5- Now dry the hands and apply moisturizer on them. If needed, nails can also be cut with the help of a nail clipper.

Things to Keep in Mind

– If you don’t have time to do much and you want your nails to be clean, then it is better to keep them short. Because small nails do not need to be cleaned much.

– Apart from this, if you keep applying nail polish evenly, then do not apply nail polish for at least one week in a month. This will prevent yellowing of the nails and they will remain strong.

– If you have a habit of biting nails, then it is better to leave this habit as soon as possible. Because this not only makes your nails look bad, but the germs that accumulate in them also enter inside your body.

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