6 Must Try Cleaning Tips to Try for Home

6 Must Try Cleaning Tips to Try for Home

Cleaning Tips to Try for Home: Whether it is a festival or a party arranged in the house, along with all the preparations, attention has to be paid to the cleanliness of the house. If the time of Diwali is near, then every corner of the house is cleaned and decorated. If you also like to clean the house before Diwali or take care that whenever any guest comes in the house, then the house looks completely clean then these cleaning tips will come in handy for you.

1. Vinegar for Window, Sider Glass – Cleaning Tips to Try for Home

Mix one part vinegar to one part water and pour it into a spray bottle and spray it on the glass (Cleaning Tips). After waiting a few minutes, wipe the glass thoroughly with a soft cloth or microfiber cloth. While wiping it, make sure that all the liquid dries up. If vinegar is left on the glass for a long time, it can damage the glass.

2. Cushion Shell for Ceiling Fan

Put the pillow shell on the blades of the ceiling fan in the same way as the shell is applied to the pillow, and then wipe the fan blade while moving the shell. By doing this, the dust on the blade will not fall directly on the face or on the bed.

3. Dish soap and baking soda for bathroom fittings

If the faucet, shower, basin in the bathroom do not shine, then it often seems that cleaning has not been done. If you also like a shining bathroom, then baking soda and dish wash will be of great help to you. For example, if you are cleaning the basin, then first sprinkle baking soda on the basin. Now clean it by applying dish wash on the scrub. (Cleaning Tips to Try for Home)

4. Dirt between two tiles

Be it bathroom or kitchen tiles, the possibility of getting dirt stuck in the thin space between two tiles is very high. In such a situation, if you are tired of trying to clean this space, then use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda for this. Mix a little peroxide in a tablespoon of baking soda and make it thick like toothpaste. Apply it with a brush to the area between the tiles. In a few seconds this dirt will start coming out.

5. Clean the mattress too

Cleaning of mattress or mattress is usually done by most of the people during Diwali cleaning. If you also want to try to clean the dust that has accumulated on your mattress for a long time, then this hack will be useful for you. For this you will need baking soda and vinegar.

First, sprinkle vinegar with a spray bottle over the mattress, then sprinkle baking soda over it. Now you can brush the mattress with a brush or vacuum clean it.

6. Follow Declutter Rule

Throughout the year (Cleaning Tips), many such things accumulate in the house that you do not use, but think that they can be used in some way or the other. From clothes, cans, brushes, pieces of used colored paper, old bottles, etc., are some of the things that you don’t even use and think that they can be of some use. Keep such things out of the house.