Complete Guide of Makeup Brushes and How to Use It

It is said that makeup is an art and the artist who does it. Just as an artist needs a paint brush to do a

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Complete Guide of Makeup Brushes and How to Use It

It is said that makeup is an art and the artist who does it. Just as an artist needs a paint brush to do a beautiful painting, in the same way the work of a makeup artist is also incomplete without a makeup brush. Those with knowledge of the right makeup know the price of a makeup brush well. Be it eye makeup or lips, contouring on the face or applying foundation, nothing is possible without a makeup brush. Some people do all their makeup with one type of makeup brush (Makeup Brushes). But this way of doing makeup is not right.

Makeup brushes are also different for each type of makeup. Such as- Contouring Brush, Concealer Brush, Foundation Brush, Eye Liner Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Blusher Brush, Lip Brush, Face Powder Brush, etc. All you need is to recognize them and use them properly. We are telling you here which makeup brushes is used for what and how to use it.

Concealer Brush

As the name suggests, the Concealer Brush is used to apply concealer on the face. It is less broad in shape and slightly pointed in front. It is used to hide the blemishes on the face. My Glamm’s CONCEALER BRUSH FOR TOTAL MAKEOVER FF CREAM is a great concealer brush. It is best for cream or liquid base products.

Foundation Brush

Foundation is the base of makeup. Some people also apply it on the face with the help of fingers, but this method is not right. Foundation brush should be used to apply foundation on the face. My Glamm’s FLAT FOUNDATION BRUSH is best for this. It is a square shaped foundation brush with soft bristles, which helps in spreading the foundation evenly on the face.

Powder Brush

Powder brush is of round shape. It is used to set makeup on the face. You can also use it as a blusher brush. My Glamm’s POWDER BRUSH is the perfect option for this. To use it, take a fine layer of a little powder in the brush and apply it slowly under the eyes and on the T-zone.

Fan Brush

A fan brush is used to remove excess powder or makeup from the face. It is flat like a fan in shape. With the passage of time the way of using it has also changed. For example, even after doing complete makeup, if you feel that the makeup is a bit incomplete, then to bring shine on the face, take a little highlighter on the fan brush and apply it on the middle of the cheekbones.

Lip Brush

Lip Brush is used to apply lipstick on the lips. But many people feel that it is of no use because often we apply lipstick directly on our lips. It is not so, whenever it comes to high class makeup or professional makeup, only lip brush is used on the lips so that the lipstick does not spread around the lips. My Glamm’s LIP BRUSH can be a perfect choice for this.

Eye Shader Brush

If you want a perfect eye shadow base, then you need an Eye Shader Brush. This brush is flat from the front. Take eye shadow from your eye shadow palette and apply it to the lids with the help of an eye shader brush. My Glamm’s EYE SHADER BRUSH is perfect for this. Its soft bristles are not too harsh on the eyelids.

Eye Blender Brush

After the Eye Shader Brush, it is the Eye Blender Brush. It is used to blend the makeup well on the eyes. It is also used for Smokey eye makeup on the eyes. My Glamm’s EYE BLENDER BRUSH is the best option for cream and powder based eye shadows.

Brow Comb Brush

Like our hair, eyebrows also need a comb. For this, there is a brow comb brush in the market. This brush has two faces. It has a brush on one side and a small comb on the other side. After applying the eyebrow pencil, set it with the brush part and shape the eyebrows with the comb.


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