Center Issues Revised COVID Guidelines For Children

Center Issues Revised Covid Guidelines For Children

The havoc of Corona continues across the country. It has become a transition with new variants coming in and it is not taking the name of ending soon. In such a situation, your own safety is very important to avoid corona. In the new guidelines, the Union Health Ministry has clarified the mask protocol, especially for children. Under this new guideline, masks are not mandatory for children below five years of age and children under 18 should not use antiviral or monoclonal antibodies while treating corona. know Center Issues Revised COVID Guidelines For Children.

Important suggestions have been given in the new guidelines of the Union Health Ministry. The ministry has clearly said that children below 5 years of age do not need to wear masks, but children of 12 years of age and above should wear masks in the same way as adults.


Center Issues Revised COVID Guidelines For Children

  • Children 5 years of age or younger should not wear a mask.
  • Children between the ages of 6 and 11 years can wear a mask.
  • Whether such children have to wear masks or not, these parents will decide according to the need.
  • Children over the age of 12 should use the same mask as adults.

Omicron is Not a Serious Disease

However, it is mandatory for people aged 12 years and above to wear a mask. This guideline has been decided by experts as the number of patients is increasing due to Omicron. According to data from other countries, the disease caused by omicron is not very serious. However, caution should be exercised as the infection is progressing rapidly.

Steroids should not be used to Treat Children

The ministry has said that the number of people infected due to the Omicron variant has increased, but the number of people who become seriously ill due to it is very low. According to the ministry, children below the age of 18 years should not be given any kind of antiviral steroids or monoclonal antibodies, no matter how serious the condition due to corona infection is. Especially for corona patients without symptoms and mild symptoms, it is advised not to use steroids at all.


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