Crawling Safety Tips for Babies

Crawling Safety Tips for Babies

Every parent is eagerly waiting for the first steps and first words of the child. Before walking, the baby learns to crawl. Some babies start walking on their knees when they are 5 to 7 months old. So some may even delay crawling. If the child does not start walking on his knees on time, then the parents get tensed. In this article we will know at what age babies start crawling. Also sharing tips on teaching baby to crawl.

When do Babies Start Crawling

Every child is different. That’s why everyone has a different time to start walking on their knees. It shows the development in children. Some babies start walking on their knees by five to seven months. However, some babies may take time to crawl. Most babies start walking on their knees by the time they are ten months old. There are some children who start walking upright.

How to Help Your Baby Crawling

If the baby is six to seven months old and has not started crawling, do not put any pressure on him. By following the tips given below, you can prepare them to walk on their knees.

1. Give Baby Enough Tummy Time

Most babies sleep on their backs. When the baby is awake, put them on their stomach. This helps the baby to raise the head and strengthen the shoulders, waist and arms. These muscles help the child to walk on his knees.

2. Play with Baby

Some babies do not like to lie on their stomach. Even if you try, they start crying. In this case, once a day, play with the child on the floor in different positions (such as side, back and tummy). Lay the baby on your tummy on your waist and talk to them by turning your neck. By this the child will also learn to raise his head.

3. Through Toys

Make the child sit on the floor and keep their favorite toy away from them. Now show the child’s siblings or you yourself by crawling to the child and going to the toy. After this again keep the toy at some distance and ask the child to go near the toy.

Understand From These 5 Gestures That The Child is Ready to Walk on his Knees

Before the child can walk on his knees, it is necessary to start some physical activities in them. These activities make their muscles strong. Let us know the signs by which you can understand that your baby is now ready to crawl:

  • Play lying on your stomach
  • Lying down
  • Neck twist when lying on stomach
  • Walking legs while lying down

Crawling Safety Tips for Babies

If the child has started walking on the knee, parents need to keep in mind the following:

– Always keep the floor clean to protect your baby from germs. To clean the floor, instead of chemical, plant-based cleanser should be used. Because, the chemicals present in the normal floor cleaner can have a bad effect on the health of the baby.

– When your baby starts walking on his feet, keep him away from the stairs.

– If there is an electrical socket on the bottom of the wall, close it with electrical tape. Keep electric items out of reach of children.

– Do not spill water or liquids on the floor. This can cause the baby to slip.

– Keep the products used for cleaning the house in such a place where the child cannot go.

Hopefully, after reading this article, all the questions that you had in your mind regarding crawling of babies would have been cleared. Consult a pediatrician if the baby does not start walking and kneeling normally by 10 months.

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