Easy Tips and Tricks To Get Crystal Makeup Look

Wedding season is about to start and it’s time to party and try new beauty trends and that’s why we bring you some of the most trending makeup style tips of this year. This is a very surprising and very stylish makeup trend and if you love shining look then you will love crystal makeup look.

Easy Tips and Tricks To Get Crystal Makeup Look

Crystal is making its way in the makeup look industry and grabbing the attention of the masses. Whether it is applying high-shine gloss or highlighting, primer etc., but with this crystal stone on the eyelid and dual tone lip take your makeup to the very next level.

Easy Tips and Tricks To Get Crystal Makeup Look

Showcasing a bit of high-shine glamour, this is the year for bright and crystallized makeup. Everyone’s eyes are fixed on the bride as she gets ready on her wedding day and reaches the stage. Keeping this in mind, these days brides have started giving importance to crystallize makeup for their wedding.

Not only brides but also many other girls can also get this type of look without much effort and easily. Even with simple outfits, you can look party ready if you do crystallize makeup. Believe me, after doing this makeup, all eyes will be on you. However, still most people do not do crystallize makeup because it is a new trend and because of this we have brought some such tips for you today, with the help of which you too can try this makeup trend.

Get the Perfect Crystallized Makeup Look with These Ways

If you want to try the perfect crystallized makeup look, then this simple guide will be of great help to you.

Prepare your Skin

First of all, it is important that you moisturize your skin well and if you want to have a perfect makeup look, then you should first apply toner, serum, eye cream and moisturizer on your skin so that your skin remains hydrated and your makeup does not look cakey. (Crystal Makeup Look)

Prepare the Base

After this, take a little primer and blend it well on your face and then you apply foundation on your face and then apply compact powder. (Crystal Makeup Look)

Wingtip and Crystal Eye

crystal makeup 2

For this, first draw a line on your outer eyelid and for this you can use a black liner. After this, apply a little shimmer on your eyelid and then apply the crystal on the extended lash line. You can opt for silver crystals or colored crystals, depending on your outfit. To enhance your eyes, you can try a subtle look and to balance it, you should apply a light lip shade, nude or pink shade on the lips. (Crystal Makeup Look)

Cat Eye Makeup

Apart from wingtip crystal eye, you can also try cat eye which is becoming very popular these days. Also, with this look, you can give a break to your everyday look. For this, draw the lash line and give a Smokey eye look and add wing and once you get the perfect cat eye look, you can apply the crystal over your liner. (Crystal Makeup Look)


First, outline your lips and then apply lipstick in a dark shade such as red or maroon, and then add crystals to it. However, this look is a good option to make a statement at night. Since crystal makeup is becoming more popular because you have to apply minimal makeup under it and it also gives you the perfect look. Adding crystals and jewels to your simple makeup can be a lot of fun and give you a youthful, glittery look.

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