Cuticles Care Tips: What Happens if you Cut your Cuticles

Cuticles Care Tips: Cuticles are the part of the skin on the side of our nails. When it starts to crumble or peel off, then you feel that whatever you do, it should be removed as soon as possible. But remember, if by mistake you have removed the skin there, then how terrible it is. If you’ve been thinking about cutting cuticles while doing an at-home manicure, just wait. Trimming or cutting cuticles is not right in any way. If you do this then it can cause you many other problems along with pain.

Yes, because cuticles are the tissue at the base of our nails (Cuticles Care Tips). These cuticles are very important to protect the roots of the nails. Biting cuticles increases the chance of infection or injury to the nails. Therefore, never cut the cuticles of nails with the help of clippers.

Cuticles Care Tips: What Happens if you Cut your Cuticles

If you cut the cuticles and remove them again, the skin there hardens and the chances of it cracking and peeling increase. Nails can break very easily in the middle, become crooked, will not grow properly and will feel very painfully around the nails. (Cuticles Care Tips)

Cuticles should always be left as is. You can soften it and press it into the skin, but it should never be cut, as this can cause severe damage to the nail. The cuticles act to protect the area between the dead cells on the nail and the nail root beneath it, so they are just as important as the nails and prevent dirt and bacteria from entering.

How to Take Care of Your Cuticles Tips

Apply hand moisturizer at least twice a day to take care of cuticles (Cuticles Care Tips). If there is a lot of exposure to the sun, use a moisturizer with sunscreen. Use cuticle remover to remove cuticles. These typically contain triethanolamine, along with coconut oil, potassium phosphate, potassium hydroxide and water, which only work by softening rough cuticles and pressing them into the skin. If your cuticles are extremely dry and itch, you can put petroleum jelly on them and sleep with gloves on at night. By doing this the cuticles become soft and you do not feel any problem.