Include these Vegetables Fruits and Grains your Diet to Prevent Heart Attack

Include these Vegetables Fruits and Grains your Diet to Prevent Heart Attack

Diet to Prevent Heart Attack: Nowadays people are suffering from high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and many diseases related to heart at a very young age. The biggest reason for this is our changing lifestyle. Often people make mouth after seeing nutritious and healthy food and prefer to eat junk food outside, which has serious consequences later. Consuming an unbalanced diet for a long time increases cholesterol, which invites serious diseases like heart attack.

Include these Vegetables Fruits and Grains your Diet to Prevent Heart Attack

There are two types of cholesterol in our body. One good and the other bad cholesterol. If too much bad cholesterol accumulates in the body, it increases the risk of heart attack. But you can reduce bad cholesterol by making some changes in your diet. Young people should also include these fruits and vegetables in their diet. This will help prevent many problems from coming up in the future. So let’s know which are cholesterol-lowering vegetables, fruits and grains, which you should include in your diet.


Include these fruits in your diet

In fact, all fruits are good for lowering cholesterol, as they are high in fiber. But some fruits have more cholesterol-lowering properties. Such as:

Apples and Citrus Fruits – These fibrous foods contain a special soluble fiber called pectin. This lowers cholesterol.


Berries – By including berries and berries such as strawberries, blueberries and raspberries in your diet, you get abundant pectin.

Avocado – Eating it reduces bad cholesterol in the body and increases good cholesterol. It contains monounsaturated fat and fiber.


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Include these vegetables in your diet

Spinach – It is very beneficial for your body. Spinach increases nitric acid which lowers cholesterol.


Green leafy vegetables – These vegetables contain lutein and carotenoids which reduce the risk of heart attack.

Ladyfinger – Cholesterol is reduced by eating okra or drinking its water. For this, cut the ladyfinger and soak it in water overnight and drink this water in the morning.

Brinjal – Brinjal is also very beneficial for cholesterol patients. This improves the digestive system. It also lowers cholesterol.

Tomato – Tomato juice reduces high blood pressure. Therefore, include tomatoes in your daily diet.

Include these Grains in your daily diet

Oats and Barley – Oats and barley are very beneficial for the body. It contains a fibrous substance called beta glucan which dissolves quickly and reduces cholesterol rapidly.

Beans – Black beans are high in fiber content which lowers cholesterol. Also, it is better to eat soybean for high cholesterol patients.

Quinoa – It is rich in B vitamins and fiber. It lowers triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

Pulses – All types of pulses are beneficial. It is high in protein and fiber. By eating pulses regularly, bad cholesterol does not accumulate in the body. In addition, pulses are a good source of a lot of proteins and vitamins.

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