Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Salt

Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Salt: Many people always feel less salt in food and they eat it by adding salt from above. It goes like this 1-2 times, but if you have a habit of eating too much salt, then control it in time, otherwise you may have to give it up.

Experts believe that limiting salt in the diet can reduce heart disease by up to 25 percent and the risk of dying from heart diseases by up to 20 percent. If you eat more salt than the prescribed amount, then you also increase the risk of getting a fatal disease like cancer. That is why along with the disadvantages of eating more salt, it is also important to know how much salt you should eat throughout the day, which salt is best and how you can reduce the amount of salt in your diet. can do. Let’s know:

Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Salt

Just as excess salt in food spoils its taste, similarly, due to excess salt reaching the body in limited quantity, it harms health in many ways. Most of the things we eat contain salt and knowingly or unknowingly we consume more salt throughout the day and do not even think about its side effects. So let’s first know what are the disadvantages of eating too much salt.

High Blood Pressure Problem

You must be aware that BP starts increasing due to excessive intake of salt. This is because when you eat too much salt, the extra water in your body puts pressure on your heart and blood vessels and your blood pressure rises. As this problem progresses, you may even come to a heart attack.

Obesity Increases

When you start consuming too much salt, it causes excess water retention in your body and due to this weight gain starts.


Eating too much salt can also lead to dehydration. Because when the amount of salt in the body is high, water accumulates more than necessary. This condition is called water retention or fluid retention (Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Salt).

Kidney Stone Complaints

Consuming too much salt can also put you at risk of kidney stones. Because salt contains sodium, which becomes calcium in the stomach and it causes the problem of stones. That is why stone patients are advised to eat less salt, so that their stones do not grow. (Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Salt)

Bones Start to Weaken

If you consume too much salt, then you start seeing old age before age. Your bones become weak. Because excessive intake of salt reduces the amount of calcium from the bones and they start weakening. Because of this, the risk of breaking bones easily increases. (Disadvantages Of Consuming Too Much Salt)

How Much Salt Should be Consumed in a Day?

The American Heart Association says that everyone should consume only 2,300 milligrams of salt a day. This amount is for those who eat more salt, while the ideal amount of salt daily should not exceed 1,500 mg.

Tips to Reduce the Amount of Salt in the Body

  • First of all, use rock salt instead of white salt.
  • Eat salad without salt.
  • Make a habit of eating less salt food. You can add lemon juice on top for taste.
  • Eat less processed food. Because they have high salt content.
  • Eat dairy products like curd, buttermilk and paneer etc. without salt.
  • If you have high blood pressure or any heart disease, then you should consume salt with low sodium.

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