How To Download Fau-G Game – FauG Game Download APK

How To Download Fau-G Game - FauG Game Download APK

How To Download Fau-G Game – If you are reading this post of ours, then it means that you are a PUBG player and after being Pubg Ban in India, you must be eagerly waiting for the launch date of Akshay Kumar’s new game Fau-G. Today we will tell you what is Fau-G Game, how to download and when Fau-G game is releasing, so let’s start.

After the Indian government banned 117 other Chinese apps including PUBG mobile, there was a lot of anger among the youth regarding PubG. You must know that PUBG Mobile is a very popular gaming app which had more than 50 million users in India (Download Fau-G Game).

What is Fau-G Game?

Taking a step forward in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream of ‘Self-reliant India’, Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to announce the launch of the multiplayer game (Download Fau-G Game). A Bengaluru Based Game Development Company has announced to make an Indian game in association with “nCore Games”, named Fau-G. This game is being made similar to PubG.

This Multiplayer Action game which can be known as Fearless And United Guards or FAU-G (Download Fau-G Game). This game is being made keeping in mind the youth of our country. Akshay Kumar said this game will help Indian soldiers’ because 20% of the earnings from this game will be donated to ‘Bharat Ke Veer Trust’.

In the first level of this game, you will get to see the map of Galwan Valley at the place of Pochinci, where in June 2020 there was an incident of fighting between Indian soldiers and Chinese soldiers.

Release Date: October 2020
Size : 1.5GB (Approx.)
Developer: nCore Games
Category: Battle Action Game
Country: India

How To Download Fau-G Game

To download Fau-g game, you have to wait for the launch of this game which will be launched in the last of October. You must be searching for FauG Game Download Link right now but this game’s download link will not be found anywhere because this game is not officially launched yet.

It is expected that to download Fau-G Game, you will get to see it in the Play Store till the end of October, so you will not get to downloads FauG Game right now.

FauG Game Download APK

Download Links will be made available for you as soon as this Game FauG (FEARLESS AND UNITED GUARDS) is launched.

How to Download FauG Game on Android

  • Open Google Play Store on your Android Mobile.
  • Now simply you have to search FauG game in the search box.
  • Now FauG game will appear on your mobile screen, now click on it.
  • Install FauG Game and let it download.
  • When FauG game is successfully downloaded in your mobile then you can play it.

How to Download FauG Game on iOS (Apple)

  • You have to go to the App Store of your iPhone.
  • Its process is also the same as that of Android.
  • Now you have to search Faug game in the search box.
  • Now the Fau-G game will be on the screen of your iPhone.
  • All you have to do is click on the Install button and wait till it is downloaded.
  • After the game is successfully downloaded, you can enjoy playing the game.

Why PubG Mobile was Banned in India

Let me tell you that PubG game is not a Chinese game, now this question must have been in your mind that why Pubg was banned then. PubG Game was created by a person named Brendan Greene who works in a company called Blue Hole in South Korea.

In 2017, PubG game was released in desktop version, later Tencent Company which is a Chinese company made mobile version of PubG. The profit that was made from Pubg Mobile also goes to Tencent of China, so PubG was banned in India.

Now news is being heard that Blue Hole Company is going to end Tencent’s partnership with Pubg, so that PubG can be returned again in India (Download Fau-G Game), but it is not certain for how long this will happen.

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