Best Times to Drink Green Tea

Best Times to Drink Green Tea

Drink Green Tea: Tea, coffee, green tea or herbal tea are all drinks that contain a certain amount of time and the right amount. But we Indians, who are crazy about tea and coffee, do not find ourselves in any of these bindings. So we have to face many health problems. Today, millions of people around the world drink green tea, which is very beneficial for health. But when to drink green tea, there is also a right timing, which is very important for every green tea lover to know.

If you drink green tea at the right time, then maximum health benefits can be there. Otherwise, caffeine and tannins are found in green tea, which can harm the stomach by diluting gastric juice. So let’s know about the right time to drink green tea, so that you can get maximum health benefits from it.

Best Time to Drink Green Tea

Drinking hot tea in the morning has been a habit for many years. Many also say that until you drink tea, it doesn’t feel like the day has started. Many people like to drink green tea in the morning. If you also have such a habit then it is fine. Caffeine present in green tea gives energy to the body, enhances the ability of the mind to concentrate and motivates to do new things. Green tea contains the amino acid L-tannin. It helps to keep your mind calm. Caffeine and theanine also work together to improve brain function and reduce the risk of mood swings.

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Take Green tea before exercise and not after

Running, jogging, cycling or exercising in the gym is something that many people look forward to taking green tea for. But avoid doing so. This is because research has shown that taking green tea after exercise is harmful. Conversely, if you drink green tea before exercising, it may be more useful. According to research, if green tea is taken before starting exercise, it increases the rate of burning body fat by 17%. Green tea should be taken two hours before starting exercise. If green tea is taken before exercise, it gives the body the power to compensate for the loss of muscle mass even after a heavy workout.

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Do not take green tea after meals and before sleeping

Many people have the habit of drinking green tea after having a meal. But this habit is very wrong. Green tea contains caffeine. If you take green tea after a meal, it increases the body’s ability to bind whatever nutrients it has got from food. Therefore, these nutrients do not get into the blood and do not benefit the body. Also, if you consume green tea before sleeping, it can cause insomnia for many people.

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